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Two Ways to Improve Omnichannel Customer Experience

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The omnichannel customer experience is the new way to generate sales by having a universal brand and ensuring brand messages, locations, and sales funnels match the overall marketing strategy and the related branding across all customer contact points.

In layperson’s terms, the omnichannel customer experience is better than having separate sales funnels, including inside physical stores. Customers will now have a universal experience with the connections with online stores.

Understanding the building blocks of the omnichannel customer experience and ways to improve the omnichannel customer experience is understanding five key points: branding, contact points, customer research, user experience design and online.

Definition: Omni-channel customer service aims to provide a seamless customer experience across multiple channels by integrating them within a single system.

This gives customer service agents a comprehensive view of a customer’s interactions, enabling them to answer queries more effectively and efficiently.

Omnichannel Customer Experience
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Marketing and Branding

Organisations wishing to sell products and services or expand their sales potential will require a marketing strategy, which is a part of the omnichannel customer experience.

Building a brand that matches online stores, social media, physical stores, and anything related to the company brand is highly important because should a customer make contact with a brand online is crucial that the marketing and branding are consistent across all points of customer contact.

Customer contact points are where customers or users first interact with the products and services companies or organisations wish to sell to customers. With this, in the goal, everything must remain consistent and streamlined for customers.

With branding and marketing, it’s necessary to understand the audience of that organisation’s wish to sell its products or services in the UK; the national reading age of the United Kingdom is nine years old.

This means that to have a successful omnichannel customer experience, the copywriters and other people related to marketing content must create written words that fit the vocabulary understanding of a general audience.

However, this will not apply if the brand is trying to sell goods to a more literate audience; for instance, the national average Guardian newsreader in the UK is 14 years old regarding their reading age.

Omnichannel Customer Experience
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Contact points

When designing the information architecture related to improving the omnichannel customer experience is first necessary to identify several relevant factors in business strategy to develop a superior omnichannel customer-focused experience.

It’s first essential to understand that customer contact points are where customers first come into contact with an organisational brand or other forms of contact with the organisation, such as social media, leaflets or anything related to first points of customer contact.

Examples of customers coming into contact with organisations can be something as simple as the brand of a Coca-Cola bottle.

At this stage, it’s crucial that when first contact happens, the branding is related to the omnichannel’s overall product quality and infrastructure and anything related to the organisation or company.

This is highly important due to a research study performed by the Harvard business review, which interviewed 46,000 people and discovered that 73% of these use the omnichannel to make a purchasing decision.

This information only further reinforces the importance of the development, maintenance and growth of an omnichannel customer experience with the development of contact points representative of all relevant information and branding related to customers purchasing and gathering information.

When inside stores, customers may use social media to gather information such as customer reviews, the organisation’s social media and other relevant customer contact points to help customers decide on purchases.

Improvements for customers’ contact points regarding the channel customer experience is the understanding that everything related to customer interaction, including interaction with the stars and new mediums of contact, is all relevant to the customer journey.

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