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My Op-ed Article on Crypto-currency and its Viability

bitcoins and u s dollar bills

Cryptocurrency has existed since the first Crypto coin Bitcoin was created in January 2009.

This is the latest op-ed I have written for The Sybarite Magazine discusses whether cryptocurrency is feasible long-term.

It is increasingly valued as an investment due to the ongoing demand for digital currency within the global market.


The underpinning technology of crypto is viable, but as a currency, it is unstable.

It has existed within the current geopolitical and economic circumstances for the last 77 years, so there must be a division between the practical, the political and social modern-day fads as investors, particularly new investors, may have no idea what crypto is or what a currency is.

This is mainly because our advanced developed economy no longer adheres to old rules (due to the hyper-specialisation and the integration of global markets — particularly China — into the global economy), changing how people invest.

If you want to know more, please view the whole article in The Sybarite Magazine; here is the link.

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