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Sexual Positions That Are Best for Women

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This piece will focus on penetrative vaginal sex between heterosexual biological men and women as well as same-sex attracted lesbians between two women and how they can achieve orgasm when having penetrative sex and stimulation of the clitoris during penetration.

A survey that has been conducted has researched 4,300 biological women to find out how they best experience pleasure when having penetrative sex; during the survey, they aimed to try to have a more significant sample of bisexual and lesbian women.

They also did a follow-up call with a thousand women from the same study to find out what technique or any special technique they used increased the chances and pleasures of their orgasm.

Furthermore, the samples were taken to be as representative as possible of women within the United States of America.

The reason for this is that women have a better understanding of their bodies than men do, and the lack of communication between men and women and understanding leads to a more negative sexual experience.

The Kamasutra was written with the knowledge that women don’t experience orgasm, typically when just penetrative sex, but with stimulation of the clitoris is the means where women are almost always guaranteed an orgasm with the clitoris having 8,000 nerve endings.

According to John Keay, the Kama Sutra is a compendium collected into its present form in the 2nd century CE.

Sexual Positions That Are Best for Women
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Angling, Rocking and Shallowing

Angling is where the body rotates or lowers the pelvis or hips when having penetrative sex; this is done to adjust the penis or sex toy when having sex within the woman to find out which position or angle she finds the most pleasure or comfort during penetrative sex.

Also, be aware that in an unstimulated woman, on average, vagina lengths range from 2.75 inches to about 3¼ inches.

When a woman is aroused, it increases from 4.25 inches to 4.75 inches.

The average size of a male penis is 5.5 inches, so when having penetrative sex is very important that the woman enjoys the experience and is very relaxed. If a woman is uncomfortable, the experience will be painful and not very enjoyable.

The rocking technique is where the sex toy or the phallus is constantly pushing the woman’s clitoris whilst having penetrative sex.

When doing this sexual technique, the penis is not piston in or out woman’s vagina penis remains fully penetrated, and a rocking motion is made that stimulates the clitoris.

Finally, we have shallowing or pairing; this is where either of the people engaged in penetrative sex activity uses their left or right hand to stimulate a woman’s clitoris whilst having sex.