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Women Can Have Sex on Their Period

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A woman’s period cycle, or, more accurately, Menstruation, is the regular discharge of blood and mucosal tissue from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina. The menstrual cycle is characterised by the rise and fall of hormones.

Falling progesterone levels trigger menstruation, indicating that pregnancy has not occurred.

The average menstrual cycle for a biological female lasts 28 days.

It starts with the first day of the last period and ends with the first day of the next menstrual period.

However, the length of women’s cycles varies, particularly for the first year or two after a young woman has her first period.

Women Can Have Sex on Their Period

Period Sex

So, the question is, can women have sex on their period? The answer to this question is objectively yes.

Women can have sex when having their period; there is no danger or severe risk of being harmed and having penetrative sex, though there may be slightly more sensitivity on the internal tissue.

However, if a woman and her male or female partner practise safe sex, everything will be okay.

It’s essential to add that even when having sex on your period, pregnancy is still risky.

Male sperm survives up to several days, with five days on average from within a woman, which could still cause pregnancy.

It’s also vital that couples wishing to avoid pregnancy weight within 28 days for contraceptive pills would be effective due to taking over 28 days for the contraceptive pill can become effective.

Another vital fact to be aware of is that the contraceptive pill only works 99% of the time, and there is still a risk of 1% of pregnancy in that 1% is also over the general population that is sexually active and on the contraceptive pill and will become pregnant.

Furthermore, if a woman gains more mass, this can be muscle mass and fat, or if a woman is above the average height and weight, the contraceptive pill may not be effective.

I recommend you speak to your GP or doctor about contraception and its effects.

Women Can Have Sex on Their Period

Benefits of Period Sex

Period sex is safe and can have benefits like reducing menstrual cramps and headaches and might even shorten your flow.

It is also essential that any sex be informed and conceptual because a woman on her period can have sex, but that doesn’t mean she has to have sex.

If engaging in penetrative sex, it may be beneficial to have sex in the shower, in the missionary position, because the menstrual cycle blood and the missionary position can be more comfortable for the female partner.

Using a towel may also be beneficial to protect the bedsheet from blood. Ultimately, it is up to women whether or not the benefit of sex outweighs other inconveniences and ways out the pros and cons.