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Nissan Auto Shanghai Presentation Conference 2023

grey sport utility vehicle

During the Nissan presentation conference at the Shanghai Auto Exposition in April 2023, Nissan hopes that their vehicle will all be electrified by 2030, have a low carbon footprint, and carry a lower carbon footprint by having a green supply chain. 

This means that any carbon emissions into its products will have a low or be without footprint regarding carbon and other materials that negatively inflict environmental damage.

Nissan stated they want a future ‘where you feel safer in your vehicle and feel more peace of mind when your children reach driving age.’ 

This is all part of Nissan and many other Companies and manufacturers moving away from the classic internal combustion engine to re-brand themselves as companies of the future and embracing the green agenda

What this means in practical terms for customers is that companies, in this case, Nissan, are trying to rebrand themselves as green and environmentally friendly, hence focusing on the future of the car industry, which in their mind is green.

Furthermore, this is a big part of Nissan’s overall strategy announced in 2021 with its plan for 2030 for their cars to be more environmentally friendly and have a more inclusive organisation.

red nissan vehicle running on sand dune  Shanghai Presentation
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Electric Vehicles

The first vehicle to be shown by Nissan at the Shanghai Auto Conference 2023 is the Max Out Convertible; from a purely visual point of view, the vehicle is an eyesore and could be compared to a sci-fi movie in the 1980s—alternatively, the vehicle from ghost in the Shell movie released in 2017 starring Scarlett Johansson. 

Luckily for this vehicle, it should not be launched for the general public to purchase until 2028, so there are still times for any flaws to be changed regarding its manufacturing and design.

The information on the Max Out Convertible electric vehicle is sadly scarce regarding its battery life. 

However, compared to the current Electric vehicles (EV) available on the EV markets, the distance could be 250 to 500 miles travel time without recharging, so depending on certain conditions, it should be around two hours running time.

Nissan is also introducing a new vehicle Arizona, which will be exclusively produced in China and specifically designed and marketed towards the Chinese market. Nissan has been involved in the Chinese car market for over 50 years. 

Nissan is taking a page from BMW with a focus on bringing artificial intelligence into their vehicles with the creation of Nissan’s artificial intelligence (AI) called Epro. 

One of the advantages of Nissan artificial intelligence is that if you are trying to locate a friend, it will render the person you are looking for in a map in 3D with an artificial avatar created matching their appearance.

This naturally also comes with the standard satnav that will plot the most efficient way to reach their location; what is unique about this new technology is that it renders this information in 3D for easy navigation and helps locate individuals.

With the new vehicles being presented by Nissan during the presentation at the Shanghai Auto Presentation Conference 2023, it can be best described that nothing truly revolutionary can be found in the development of this vehicle—the new artificial intelligence, however, is impressive. 

With Nissan, AI is ground-breaking and demonstrates more excellent trends towards artificial intelligence, making the driving experience and how drivers interact with cars and tech in their daily lives more efficient. 

The engines of electric vehicles naturally still require many enhancements in technologies announcement. Still, regarding the available travel time and its overall function as a vehicle, there is no actual benefit compared to the internal combustion engine’s efficiency. 

However, it is still relevant to highlight that the move towards electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles dominating the Auto Shanghai Presentation Conference 2023 adds to the overall trends towards electric cars and that this market is still very much the future of vehicle optimisation.

Here are the numbers regarding the expansion of the electric vehicle market. In 2011, around 55,000 electric vehicles (EVs) were sold worldwide. Ten years later, that figure had grown close to 7 million vehicles.

Also, EV vehicles now made up 18% of the global car market in 2022, and previously, in 2021, it was only 14%. This only enhances the knowledge that investing money to purchase a Nissan or other electric vehicle is the correct status choice. 

What makes this even better is investing money into the electric car market, either in the stock market of these companies or merely being supportive by purchasing electric vehicles.

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