Renaissance humanism

Okay let’s start with who I am

My full name is Jonathan Stephen Harry Riley to my friends and family I am Jonathan, JR, and Riley to my enemies I am feared and admired.

By the way, I’m joking about the last part just to grab your attention I come from an ordinary background having attended University studying Politics and International Relations having graduated I feel drawn to Marketing, Blogging and Entrepreneurial pursuits.

I am also unfortunately very dyslexic which is incredibly ironic since I’m doing a blog that requires writing, so if you see anything odd please let me know.

Purpose of this blog

The purpose of this blog is to create quality content for the public on information relating to personal development, entrepreneurship and other relevant information related to leveling up your skill set.

I also hope this blog will lead to creating culture and expand knowledge of our world

My Contents main focus

The content of my blog will primarily focus on Professional and Business development as well as other topics such as UX design, Writing, History, Politics and other related topics.