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Unwanted Pregnancies and Single Mothers

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The sexual revolution from the 1950s and 1970s has changed social norms concerning sex. Now, it is socially seen as the woman’s fault if she gets pregnant due to the sheer availability of the contraceptive pill and its many forms available to women.

In previous generations, before the 1960s, it was the man’s responsibility to get a woman pregnant to get married and provide a hearth and home to his wife and children. However, social norms, either rightly or wrongly, have been destroyed.

Women, particularly young women, are not educated on how the contraceptive pill works, aware of its side effects and how effective it truly is at preventing pregnancy.

If you use it ideally, the pill is 99% effective. But people aren’t perfect, and it’s easy to forget or miss pills, so in reality, the pill is about 93% effective. That means about 7 out of 100 pill users get pregnant each year.

It’s also important to be aware that for the pill to be effective, it’s got to be taken every single day at the same time, and it can take one month to be effective.

Furthermore, if a woman increases size, this can be in terms of muscle or body fat; the dosage may not be effective. The pill makes the female mind believe that she is pregnant, which can cause an increase in breast size and anxiety due to the mind believing it is pregnant.

Also, the body believing it is pregnant decreases the natural female sex drive and can cause symptoms of depression. Also, the pill, in extreme cases, can affect a young woman’s natural development.

This can nudge a woman’s sexual preferences to either being less or more attracted to their male partners; this is a slight nudge, though, at the extreme ends, it can cause women to be asexual and have no sex drive.

woman’s sex drive is also partly driven by the mixture of hormones, such as testosterone, within their body; if a woman has low testosterone, which is not normal for the female body, that can decrease her sex drive.

In women, testosterone is produced in various locations. One-quarter of the hormone is produced in the ovary, a quarter in the adrenal gland, and one-half in the peripheral tissues from the different precursors produced in the ovaries and adrenal gland.

Unwanted Pregnancies and Single Mothers

The Change of Social Norms

The social impact of the pill is the removal of responsibilities from fathers to take care of the unwanted children from the woman they slept with due to the pill removing social constraints surrounding fatherhood.

Also, the contraceptive pill contributed to the increase of unwanted children because women and men are sleeping with people not with whom they want to start a family but sex just for enjoyment.

There is a significant difference between the man or woman you sleep with and another one that you may marry, and I have found that this is what the sexual revolution did: it removes responsibility and social constraints from sexuality.

Added to this is the sexual mismatch between men and women, with a man having 16 to 20 times more testosterone than the average female, meaning that men, on average, are much more interested in casual sex and short-term relationships.

The average woman, in contrast, has a more interesting commitment to building a lasting relationship.

Also, with the removal of conservative social norms that help to govern and regulate male and female sexuality, we have seen a free-for-all-all where people can pursue their more natural inclinations, which is harmful to children in the long run.

In essence, the words of Thomas Sowell, ‘Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.’

Unwanted pregnancies and single mothers have been on the rise due to the destruction of responsibilities such as personal responsibility, community responsibility and responsibility of fathers, mothers, and the responsibility of the culture to support the institution of the family.

Family is critical because it supports all when we are having hard times, and we all need a strong support network provided through the institution of family.

Friendships can be a substitute, but in the end, once you’re in your 80s and cannot wipe your ass is doubtful friends will be there to support you in your hour of need.

Family provides a secure network for young children and older people in the most vulnerable states in this world. We started shitting and pissing ourselves, and we ended up doing the same.

This is why the author and feminist Louise Perry is an advocate for the support of family structures and that modern society has artificially extended the time we are independent and that we spend most of our lives either depending on other people for health and safety are looking after the elderly will then depend on others for their care.

Society has broken the generational contract of mutual protection and security that the institution of family provides.

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Why The World Doesn’t Care About Men

sad mature businessman thinking about problems in living room

The former comedian now turned author, podcast, and political commentator Konstantin Kisin stated that the reason that people don’t care about the welfare of men is because historically if there is a tribe of 10 women and ten men and women are killed off, the tribe goes extinct even if one survives.

In contrast, if nine of the men are killed, and there are ten surviving women, the tribe can repopulate its numbers; this is purely an analogy to demonstrate that historically, women are far more valuable than men.

Also, Kisin for the argument of generational trauma most recently during World War I in 1914 to 1919, then World War II from 1939 to 1945 were predominantly men suffered from a post-traumatic stress disorder and didn’t live in a culture that allowed men to discuss their emotions.

He also puts for the argument that Europe, in particular from the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 467 A.D. until the ending of World War II, went to war after war with men repeatedly suffering generational trauma.

Furthermore, he stated that women growing up with their fathers and grandfathers being stoic does not bring forward any emotional complexity. With this being generational, women are not used to dealing with men’s feelings, which is not something they know how to process.

Additionally, men don’t know how to communicate their problems, and women don’t know how to respond to a man who communicates suffering due to the historical norm of the stoic man.

Why The World Doesn’t Care About Men

Suicidal Middle-aged Men

According to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Office of National Statistics, the most significant group that is vulnerable to suicide is men aged between their 40s and 50s.

Also, In 2016, the last year global data was available from the World Health Organization (WHO), there were an estimated 793,000 suicide deaths worldwide. Most were men.

One of the critical drives behind male suicide is the lack of purpose men have in the modern world. Women have adapted to these new challenges far more effectively than men. Men have not adapted to the changing sexual marketplace and the more educational-orientated workforce.

College enrolment for men in the United States between 2017 and 2022 experienced a decline of 20%, with a nearly 6% fall concerning women attending universities in the past four years, according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Centre.

Among all student demographics in this sector, white men experienced the sharpest decline in enrolment, falling nearly 20%. Moreover, fall enrolment rates for women at for-profit institutions have increased in the same period while male enrolment has declined.

This growing gender graph in educational attainment marks a significant improvement in women’s education, with the modern woman being more highly educated and prepared to face the modern world and today’s contemporary man.

This is a fantastic view turn compared to the state of women’s liberation in the 1960s; however, this leaves them behind, making them purposeless and rudderless to face the challenges of this century.

The reason for this phenomenon is that the educational system is far more built towards the average female temperament of submissiveness and cooperation.

Men tend to be far more aggressive, commit more violent crimes and act disorderly in their teens and early 20s; this is why Fewer than 4% of the total prison population are held in women’s prisons. However, there are distinct differences between the needs of women in custody and men.

Firstly, as stated, there are fewer of them. Secondly, women tend to receive shorter prison sentences than men and often for less serious crimes.

Why The World Doesn’t Care About Men

Men Without Purpose

For men living in the Western world, particularly highly industrialised and post-industrial Western economies, they are becoming purposeless and rudderless, being told repeatedly that women don’t need them.

You are becoming obsolete due to insemination technology, and the state is also taking on the job traditionally taken on by fathers of being the caretaker and financial provider, with more and more young men and women living in fatherless homes.

Roughly 24 million, or one-third of all American children under age 18, live with an unmarried parent, according to a 2018 Pew Research Centre analysis of US Census Bureau data. And 81% of those single-parent homes are headed by a mom.

This has been a growing trend since the late 1960s.

For numerous reasons, women are choosing not to get married and stay with their man and have chosen the state, either in America or the United Kingdom, which seems to be a far more attractive option for women with children rather than staying with the man who is the biological father.

The reasons for this are numerous, but with this trend happening during the sexual revolution from the mid-1950s until the 1970s, it strongly correlated with the use of the contraceptive pill interfering with traditional relationship dynamics.

Why The World Doesn’t Care About Men

The Heart of the Issue

Due to men being told they are useless and that there is no place for them in this world, and with society and culture being far more designed for a female paradigm, men are lost and don’t feel cared about because the world is being designed for women more than men.

Furthermore, with the lack of older male role models, young men and young women don’t have a person to model their behaviour; they spend all their time with other children, but this was not the historical norm in previous centuries.

Children were typically raised in family-orientated and pan-generational relatives, which meant that the children would learn how to be men and how to be women by being around people older than them, including older siblings.

Instead, childcare has become infantilised, and children and teenagers don’t learn how to be men and women by being around other children.

All they have learned is how to stay children and why Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2010, spends longer and longer at home due to never learning how to be an adult from other adults, though economic factors do play a part as well.

As for men committing suicide in their 40s and 50s marriage, the most common duration of marriage for opposite-sex couples getting divorced in 2021 was eight years, with 6,229 divorces.

For same-sex divorces in 2021, the median duration of marriage was 5.9 years for male same-sex couples and 5.1 years for female same-sex couples.

What this tells us is that when men get divorced in their 40s or 50s, they often have to reinvent themselves again into a new career or start a new relationship from the beginning, and for many men, being back to where they started in their 20s is not something they want to do.

Therefore, they have two options: either commit suicide or start from scratch.

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Fentanyl Crisis is Terrifying America

white tablets on petri dish

One hundred seven thousand people in America have died due to the fentanyl crisis and drug overdose in 2022, enough people to fill Michigan Stadium, the largest stadium in North America.

Of those people recorded in statistical data, 107,000 of those 70,000 died due to fentanyl.

The Fentanyl crisis is the most significant health threat facing the United States.

It is a crisis growing out of control, linked to multiple factors such as the over-prescription of fentanyl for pain relief and modern technologies such as social media affecting people’s communication abilities and further exacerbation by modern living.

Here is the definition of Fentanyl, also spelt fentanyl, a highly potent synthetic piperidine opioid drug primarily used as an analgesic.

Because fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, its primary clinical utility is in pain management for cancer patients and those recovering from painful surgical operations.

Fentanyl Crisis

The Tripling of Fentanyl Deaths

According to an article published in REUTERS, data from the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention shows that fentanyl-related deaths from drug overdoses increased from 5.7 per 100,000 people in 2016 to 21.6 per 100,000 in 2021.

The crisis is getting so severe that during Joe Biden’s State of the Union address to Congress, he stated that Republicans and Democrats united in their support for ending the fentanyl crisis, with President Biden getting a standing ovation.

There is a transcript of Biden’s speech on the fentanyl crisis.

Joe Biden, President of the United States of America: ‘So let’s launch a major search to stop fentanyl production in the sale and trafficking more drug detection machines inspecting cargo at the board’.

My apologies if reading Joe Biden’s words does not make much sense. I state this because I watched the address and found it hard to listen to what he was saying, most likely due to his deteriorating mental health, allegedly from Alzheimer’s.

Fentanyl Crisis

The Origins of Fentanyl and The Growing Crisis

Fentanyl was first created in 1959 by Dr. Paul Janssen; it was initially marketed as an analgesic drug under multiple formats as a patch, lollipop or spray.

The first cases of drug overdose using fentanyl and the beginning of the fentanyl crisis were discovered by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the early 1990s, starting in Wichita, Kansas and has since been a growing crisis, becoming a cancer within the USA.

In the early 2000s and 2005, the American police force and other law enforcement agencies were cracking down on the internal manufacturing of fentanyl illegally.

Unfortunately, they discovered that the drugs were being imported from outside of the USA from Mexico and China.

The DEA says the powerful Jalisco and Sinaloa cartels smuggle most of the fentanyl that crosses the border. It’s hidden in vehicles, by individuals, or in cross-border tunnels.

In addition to blaming China and Mexico, Republicans blame President Biden for failing to secure the border.

It is impractical for the United States to build a wall across the border with Mexico, which is 954 miles (3,145 km).

The border between the United States and Mexico traverses a variety of terrains, including urban areas and deserts.

The border from the Gulf of Mexico to El Paso, Texas, follows along the Rio Grande, forming a natural barrier.

This means there needs to be a political settlement with Mexico that destroys the cartels. If the situation has deteriorated too much with Mexico, the United States may need to consider military action or the incorporation of Mexico into the union.

Fentanyl Crisis

Fentanyl Crisis: Who is it Affecting and Why

Overdose victims have risen for over 20 years, with fentanyl being the key reason. Currently, almost 70% of all fatalities in the United States are due to the use of fentanyl, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Another shattering fact is that fentanyl is behind 80% of deaths of 15 to 24-year-olds in the USA; this drug damages America’s youth.

Currently, as of writing this article, fentanyl has killed five times as many Americans who died fighting in the Vietnam War, and with the fatality rate for using fentanyl being over 70%, it is a critical factor of why so many Americans are dying even though the drug makes up only 13% of illegal drug use.

The reason why fentanyl is becoming more widespread is because of how potent the drug is.

1 kg of fentanyl can create 1 million counterfeit pills that can then be passed off as another hallucinogenic substance.

It is even distributed as oxycodone, a pain killer for which people do not need a prescription, which increases the chance of becoming addicted to fentanyl.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the increase in fentanyl use reflects the potency of this substance and its low production cost, which gives traffickers strong incentives to mix fentanyl with herring and other drugs and narcotics available on American streets.

The production process of fentanyl also requires specialised equipment and expertise.

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Hidden Disabilities and Mental Health: Awareness at Work

grayscale photography of man sitting on wheelchair

A training course on identifying and approaching people or avoiding people in severe mental distress, committing acts of violence or other situations threatening any staff member working as a handyperson conducting general repairs.

Furthermore, it is essential to highlight that members of the organisation employees are also entitled to protection from acts of violence, according to the Government Health and Safety Executive.

Any employer must balance the needs of their employees, the safety of people in distress, and against any other physical and financial costs to our staff members and others.

To mitigate any harm to any handyperson or people with a wide range of disabilities due to old age, old age illnesses or people with hidden disabilities such as ADHD, autistic spectrum or other disabilities that are not visible.

Hidden Disabilities Autism

Hidden Disabilities

Hidden disabilities are very unclear to a layperson.

Staff members will need to have some basic information on how to conduct their behaviours around vulnerable people and how to react appropriately around violent situations to de-escalate any situation, as well as to understand the appropriate contact points for any staff member by contacting a trained professional so the situation can be resolved by a trained health professional or members of law enforcement.

Suppose staff members work in old folk homes, particularly around older people. In that case, contacting their primary carers will be beneficial in case of any emotional distress rather than immediately phoning the police.

People who are vulnerable and at risk of self-harm are better off seeing a trained medical or mental health professional, and contact numbers should be made available to companies and said employees working at the site.

A systematic approach could also be created where an understanding of the hidden disabilities and illnesses of the place a handyperson will be conducting their work.

This kind of training can be done simply as a PowerPoint presentation.

Hence, they know what type of behaviour to exhibit and how they should approach people who have disabilities and are neurodivergent.

A basic example is a person on the autistic spectrum.

A typical response from a person with this neurodivergent is that they don’t like eye contact or physical touch and may find it incredibly distressing to hold down a conversation.

Furthermore, people with this disability can sometimes be emotionally and socially immature to their perceived physical age, and this can cause significant conflict or a distressing situation that can be resolved with some basic information about autism to avoid misunderstandings and conflict resolutions.

The final point needs to be made that staff members are not vigilantes or professional social workers; they must seek out professional assistance and avoid any danger to themselves in any distressful situation.