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Relationship Intimacy is Not Sex

man and woman kissing on sea shore

A fundamental pillar of human intimacy is not sex; sex can be an enhancement and a deepening of existing intimacy, but in no way, shape or form does sex lead to intimacy. It merely leads to a deepening of human connections.

This is why if a man engages in sex, he will feel pretty good, even if it’s just casual sex.

This is because Western cultural values have conditioned and repeatedly told women they can have sex as a man and at the same persistent pleasure, but this is nonsense.

This is nonsense for two reasons.

The first reason the female sex drive is much lower than men and women are like ovens; it takes time to heat up, and normally, for the average woman to achieve orgasm, sexual activity needs to take place for a minimum of 14 minutes.

Men, in contrast, are like frying pans; they normally reach orgasm within five minutes; this is the sexual discrepancy between men and women.

Human intimacy doesn’t just happen between couples in a sexual relationship; it happens in families, with children, and within any relationship that is truly worth having.

No matter who you are, intimacy is a fundamental part of our lives. To be truly intimate with someone, you must see them, feel them, and understand what intimacy truly is to take them in and give yourselves to that person entirely.

With writing, you can see how sex enhances intimacy; it builds more robust connections. Sex is not intimacy because having an excellent sexual experience, particularly for a woman, must feel like they are seen and heard and that the other person is taking the man.

The problem facing men and women trying to find intimacy is that people trying to screw each other to get the desired effect of intimacy through sex requires communication, honesty and vulnerability; that’s why sometimes sex can seem like an easy way to intimacy.

But the truth is having sex with somebody you don’t know can make both people feel like a piece of meat and neglected by the person they are with.

Relationship Intimacy

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