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Ukraine War: Russian Military Equipment and Nukes

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Putin and Kim Jong-un finally had their little group therapy session at the Cosmodrome out in the far east of Russia.

The sides massaging and soothing over their gigantic egos and contemplating who is the most authoritarian, and it appears the main discussion has been focused upon North Korea providing military assistance to the Russians, primarily in the form of artillery shells.

Russian war against Ukraine won’t be letting up anytime soon, with this war for the Russian Federation also being a war for its survival and geopolitical security.

Ukraine is not the endpoint of Russia’s goal, merely the first stepping stone in securing invasion routes into Russia.

With the Ukraine war dragging on into its second year, the Russians need to replenish their dwindling stocks of artillery shells.

With the only options in China and North Korea, Russia has very limited options.

From this deal with Russia, North Koreans may be getting long-range missile tech to help speed up the North Korean nuclear weapons programme.

The development of intercontinental ballistic missiles should be very concerning for the Chinese Communist Party and other nations in the region.

It’s a massive mistake to believe the Chinese and North Koreans are friends with the Koreans under the leadership of Kim Jong-un, who allegedly called the Chinese ‘bastards’ due to China’s imperial aptitude under Xi Jinping regarding the North Korean regime.

Given this deal’s regional and global security implications, countries like South Korea, Japan, China and the US should be worried. Sure, there are sanctions in place, but in all reality, those minor deterrents won’t stop North Korea.

Ukraine War: Russian Military

Industrial Capacity and Technical Skills

Towards the end of the Soviet period, arms control treaties with the US peaked under Gorbachev, but each US President has handled these differently.

Treaties fell under Clinton due to him sleeping with interns in hand to deal with the threat of impeachment from Congress and the Republican party, which meant his Presidency’s focus was on internal issues. By internal matters, I mean keeping his cock in his pants.

The US presidency is very much like the eye of Sauron; they can only focus on one issue at a time.

I had a resurgence under George W. Bush and have since fallen off. Today, the post-Cold War arms treaties have all but vanished, at least in practice far into the geopolitical analyst Peter Zilhen.

Without these treaties, several concerns arise: can Russia maintain its nuclear arsenal? What happens if things go nuclear? What if they launch a nuclear weapon and it fails?

There are too many moral and strategic dilemmas, but we should probably have some roadmap to guide us through these scenarios.

Unfortunately, policymakers still need to establish procedures for specific situations like a failed nuclear strike attempt, which is quite a conundrum.

Russian technical education seller part in the 1980s, and since then, they have relied on foreign companies and workers to keep their industrial capacity and higher technical infrastructure working.

Since the Ukraine War, beginning in 2014 to the present day, those companies have been leaving or have left Russia.

Ukraine War: Russian Military

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