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Start-up Copywriting Business

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If you are reading this article, you must be interested in how to start your own business; my experience in this endeavour mainly comes from my experience working with start-up digital marketing and copywriting companies.

For this article, I will not mention any names or the brands of the businesses I have worked in due to legal reasons, confidential agreements, and to avoid any issues regarding potential clients, I may work with due to valuing discretion and silence.

Suppose you wish to start up your own business.

In that case, it is first necessary to understand your morality and whether you have any moral scruples due to certain business practices that can be viewed as unethical and exploitative.

However, this information does depend on which nation and its laws you exist in.

In this article, I will tell you how you can recruit people using internships and the possibility of future employment or that people can build up their CV and experience by working for your start-up company.

The second method uses Google Workspace and other free online platforms and services such as Upwork and LinkedIn to build your organisation’s sales and recruitment funnel.

As a start-up, you can expect to work 10 to 16-hour days, if not more, due to opportunities in international markets in different time zones.


What is a Copywriter

A start-up copywriting business may be ideal for people with limited technical skills who don’t have the time to learn financial services or other highly sought-after professions that can take decades of experience and training to succeed.

The basic understanding of a copywriter is that their function is to generate sales and sales funnels through the written words they produce.

Copywriting is sales by print, and success is due to generated sales.

Having sophisticated vocabulary can even be counter-productive regarding copywriting because the average reading age in the United States is 12 to 14 years old, and in the United Kingdom is nine years old.

What this means is not that the person’s mental age is 12 to 14 years old, only that their comprehension of words is at that age range and having a good understanding of writing at that level can be more effective than a graduate with experience with essay writing.

The goal of copywriting is not to produce an essay merely to create brochures, white papers, blogs, articles and any other kind of digital or print content that requires the production of words.

For copywriters or aspiring copywriters to develop a business, what you need is the ability to write and the ability for that writing to lead to sales creation.

For that, you need essential equipment such as a laptop, Internet and a writing program such as Word documents; alternatively, if you don’t have a budget, use free Google Docs.

Copywriting Work Space

Interns and Contributors

It is this section that I feel the most dubious about the topic of interns and contributors due to, from my point of view, it being unethical to give people work no financial compensation, which, in reality, they should be paid for their labours.

However, from my experience, it has been common practice for organisations to choose interns and contributors to produce more content that clients pay for at the expense of others.

The organisations that worked regularly employed interns and people in places like India, Pakistan and other places where they have familiarity with the English language.

The employee then had them employed at much cheaper prices.

I remember working with people who regularly produced over ten weekly articles comprising over 10,000 words, and the client could easily pay £50 to £100 per 1000 words.

If you are taking up blogging for freelance work, I recommend charging no less than £100 once you have established your credibility.

Using interns and contributors is not paid, which is exploitative and drives down the prices of copywriters and writers.

However, with this stated, it may be advantageous for start-up organisations to use interns and contributors to fill in the gaps within their organisation to have writers who can fulfil copywriting orders and generate revenue for the business.

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