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The Truth About Relationships and The Ego

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The sad truth about the human condition, or maybe its way to the glory of the human condition, is that we all write our own internal stories to justify our existence and our place in the world.

We are all heroes and heroines who see the world through our egos.

The human condition is complex, and relationships need to be able to offer utility, which means they need practical use. As humans, we don’t like to see our relationships in terms of want and need.

In every relationship, whether it be friendship, sexual relationships or other kinds of dyads, there must be an exchange of needs and wants being fulfilled.

If a mother never loves a child or vice versa, a need is not filled, leading to other issues in later life.

With human attachments, we often develop issues bonding and forming relationships due to traumatic experiences when we are children, with the average child only spending 35 minutes with their primary caregivers.

A nanny, grandmother or other carer, not the child’s parent or a relationship similar to a parent, is not guaranteed to provide the love and affection children need growing up.

Suppose children have attachment issues in childhood when they become adults and teens enter the sexual marketplace to pursue love and happiness.

In that case, they can often interpret sexual activity as a means of pair bonding.

In reality, men, in particular, don’t bond the same way as women, and it is often called in social media circles and online dating magazines that women catch feelings unlike men.

Men do experience sexual bonding during intercourse, but a male that is securely attached will not instantly fall in with the woman due to having appropriate boundaries, life experience, and the knowledge it takes, at best, at least two years to truly understand somebody.


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