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Why Gay Men Like Marilyn Monroe

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We understand why gay men love Marilyn Monroe’s first necessity to be aware there is no such thing as a universal gay man, and there does not exist a universal gay culture.

When I write and discuss gay men like Marilyn Monroe, I talk about a micro-community and the subsection within the gay community.

There is no universal straight community, no universal lesbian community or other communities, only micro-cultures formed within social media chat groups or real-world communities that are distinct and separate.

For people with experience with the gay community, gay subculture or other gay communities not predominantly from the Western European and Anglosphere, which encompasses the United States of America, Canada, the British Isles and the island of Ireland to a lesser extent, and Australia.

It would be interesting in any comments to have the point of use and experiences from different people with different experiences and from different walks of life to broaden our understanding of different gay subcultures.

This knowledge will also be incredibly useful for people wishing to sell products and services to the targeted audience. In the U.S., adults estimate that 23.6% of Americans are gay or lesbian.

Male Sexuality and Homosexuality

Males typically have 16 to 20 times more testosterone in their bodies than the average woman, which means they have a much higher sex drive within heterosexual relationships.

The male is often over-sexualised or perceives the woman as more interested in sex.

This is because of the higher testosterone and the lack of empathy or understanding that women’s sex drive works very differently from men’s. It’s far more language-based than, in contrast, men are primarily visual regarding their sex, hence why pornography and sexual imagery are so popular.

The reason why Marilyn Monroe, more accurately, according to the journalist and author Louise Perry, is that gay men are attracted to the perceived sexuality and femininity that men perceive from women.

Marilyn Monroe is a sexual icon of the 1960s sexual revolution, and the promiscuity and access to sexuality and interest it generates from heterosexual men is the same kind of desire and social status that certain groups of gay men desire.

What gay men, or some gay men more accurately, are interested in is capturing the perceived female sexuality and having the same sexual and social benefits they perceive that all women, especially attractive women, possess.

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