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Ukraine War: Ukrainian Drones

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According to BBC Journalism, it has been suspected that 190 drone attacks have occurred in the Russian Federation and the Crimea peninsula, with the attack getting as far as Moscow.

On 30 August 2023, widespread Ukrainian drones in the north-west one of the targets was an airbase in the Russian city of Pskov, which Ukraine’s military intelligence chief says was attacked from inside Russia — although he didn’t say by whom.

The dry is destroyed according to satellite images of Pskov Airport after the incident shows one aircraft destroyed.

Ukraine War: Ukrainian Drones

Strategic Win for Ukraine

The Ukrainian military can attack Russia internally with drones, which are ironically supplied drones available to the general public and ironically supplied by the Chinese Communist Party and its civilian manufacturing base.

Vladimir Putin comes under more pressure from the Russian civilian public to be more exposed to the conflict happening in Ukraine, which should have been a short war over quickly, for Russia is now chairman into a long conflict that is damaging national cohesion.

The Russian Federation needs this war to be over quickly to achieve its wider strategic objective by securing invasion routes into Russia and re-establishing its old Cold War borders.

Russia is a multi-ethnic empire; it expands and absorbs territories until it reaches defensible natural geographic barriers. This behaviour is part of the Russian political DNA due to Kyiv’s Mongol conquest and destruction in the 13th century and why Russia is still obsessed with securing territory.

The Ukraine War is just another example of this in practice, and success would mean delaying Russia’s demographic collapse. Russia, since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, has been fighting a total of 12 wars.

However, as dissent bubbles amongst these ethnic groups, what happens if Russia can no longer monitor and put the lid on it immediately? How could it possibly project power outside its borders?

The Russians aren’t the only ones feeling the heat after this drone attack.

When a country like Ukraine can practically walk into a Walmart and get what it needs to launch a large-scale assault, that’s one heck of a conversation starter for the Pentagon.

Once the US amasses a flock of drones, they’ll have another way to attack the Chinese navy should they need to.

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