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Why Women Hate Nice Guys

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For people reading this, you may have seen or read information from the Rational Male podcast, Fresh and Fit podcast or the Red Pill online culture.

If you have, you may think that nice guys finish last because they are losers or feminine men.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

There is a massive difference between being a nice guy who does not stick up for themselves or has appropriate boundaries within their relationship, both of a sexual and personal nature.

Friendly people still have boundaries and can defend themselves emotionally, physically and within different social groups.

Nice guys finish last either from the mainstream education system or have taught behaviours that enable people to take advantage of them.

Why Women Hate Nice Guys
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Learn to Behaviours

Humans are creatures of repetition and enjoy being within our comfort zone.

This behaviour contributes to both men and women not being willing to defend their boundaries or say when they feel uncomfortable.

Once you decide not to tell your friends, relationship partner or others when you feel unhappy or have a problem, this behaviour becomes entrenched.

Therefore, when you’re in a relationship, you may allow your boyfriend, girlfriend or situation ship to take advantage of you because you sacrificed your ego and sense of self to have temporary harmony.

This kind of niceness dissatisfies a woman and decreases attraction to a man or their partner because you are not being proactive within your relationship, which can lead to both partners’ sleepwalking through a relationship marriage and can lead to massive dissatisfaction.

Just think of the friends or parents who have been divorced or have broken up in their relationship due to being unhappy for years and not speaking up for why they have a problem.

Human beings are not psychic, and that’s why it’s so important to be clear and concise in all our behaviours.

Once you start sacrificing yourself in a relationship and not communicating your boundaries and why you feel uncomfortable, this will lead to both men and women taking advantage of you.

Nice guys, don’t finish last.

It is people who refuse to take responsibility for themselves and how they live their lives even though they may think that by being nice, saving their relationship is quite the opposite.

You are dooming it.

Why Women Hate Nice Guys
Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

Childhood and School

The modern 21st-century educational system was first pioneered and developed in the Kingdom of Prussian, which was a militarized state that faced enemies in the East in the form of the Russian Empire, the South Habsburg Empire, the west the British and French Empires and the north the kingdoms of Sweden and Denmark.

Enemies surrounded 18th-century Prussians, and they needed an educational system and model that would produce soldiers and factory workers.

That’s why Prussia developed the modern education system.

This kind of institution does not facilitate diversion behaviours or cater to children who are autistic or have other disabilities and different spectrum disorders.

The Prussian system provided compulsory and basic schooling for everyone.

Still, the significantly higher fees for attending a gymnasium or a university imposed a high barrier between upper middle and lower social classes.

Modern education still being designed for the creation of factory workers and soldiers means that people are suppressing their true desires and personalities, and this kind of behaviour of being submissive happens from early childhood and can stay with us for the rest of our lives.

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