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Ukraine War: Russia Disappearing Generals

abandoned battle tank

On July 10 2023, a Russian military officer Stanislav Rzhitsky was assassinated by supporters of the Ukrainian government in Kyiv or, at the very least, people supporting the Ukrainian war effort against the Russian Federation.

An Assailant fired several shots from a pistol and struck Rzhitsky four times. He died at the scene. Rzhitsky commanded the submarine Krasnodar in the Russian Navy.

The assassin targeted Rzhitsky, who shared his morning jog on social media, enabling the assailant to plan his execution.

Please keep in mind that in wartime, this is not the limited wars fought by most Western European powers and the United States after World War II (1945).

Now that Global North Nations conduct themselves to limit how they fight their wars and avoid total wars. In contrast, during the Second World War (1939 to 1945), British and American militaries were actively attempting to assassinate the leadership of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

The American’s most infamously assassinated Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, who was the mastermind behind the Pearl Harbor attack (1941) surprise attack.

Thinking that a victorious attack at Pearl Harbor would break America’s morale and stop it from interfering with the Japanese Empire’s sphere of influence, Yamamoto led a surprise strike on the US Pacific Fleet.

Admiral Yamamoto was assassinated on 18 April 1943 during an inspection tour of Japanese bases in the South Pacific and was shot down near Bougainville Island.

Ukrainians and Russians, mainly Ukrainians, are fighting for survival, so assassinations should be expected from both parties however is also essential to be aware that Vladimir Putin is also purging his military.

Russia Disappearing Generals  Ukraine War: Russia Disappearing Generals
Photo by Michael Parulava on Unsplash

The Wagner Rebellion of 2023

Vladimir Putin, the leader of the Russian Federation, faced a rebellion lasting from June 23 to June 24, 2023.

This rebellion was led by the paramilitary organisation Wagner. It was funded and used as a front for Russians to fight wars in places like the Middle East and Africa to expand the Russian sphere of influence.

Currently, the Wagner base in Africa is fighting over the sub-West African region with the French and Economic Community of West African States fighting over space of influence, with Nigeria in particular home to become a regional power alongside South Africa and Egypt.

The former leader of the Wagner group Yevgeny Prigozhin went to have advanced into Russia with 20,000 soldiers. In reality, he had around 8,000 soldiers and advanced to within less than 200km of Moscow before turning back.

This frightened Vladimir Putin due to no Russian professional soldiers and the overall Russian military in the attempt to intercept the Wagner group on their march to Moscow.

It’s very possible that if they kept advancing, they could have captured Moscow.

This event terrified Vladimir Putin and is why the Russian military is currently being purged of individual military officers that did not react to the rebellion in June 2023 is happening even more significantly during wartime.

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