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Ukraine War: Strategies and Gold

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The War in Ukraine is currently on a holding period which means getting up-to-date information and data from the ground that is reliable and offers value takes time to come by.

Most information will be getting will be sporadic.

Ukrainians are sending small waves of special forces trained by the United States and its Western allies across the Dnieper River to reap others across the region.

The minor attack has been quite successful, thanks to the Russians shifting their forces eastward.

The change of routine strategy is being made in an attempt to draw Ukrainian forces away from the hotspots like Zaporizhzhia.

For the Ukrainians in their war against Russian Federation aggression and invasion, we started in February 2022, they don’t have to push through all the Russian defences.

Suppose Ukrainians put them far enough back and cut them off from supply lines in the north, south, and road.

In that case, Crimea is open, and the Crimea peninsula becomes an anchor that could drag down the Russian Federation’s military and to their defeat.

But more realistically, the wall would drag on due to Vladimir Putin having put his leadership and his reputation on winning the Ukraine War.

If he loses, he may face, at worst, being deposed from power or, even worse, executed.

Ukraine War: Strategies and Gold
Photo by Jingming Pan on Unsplash

How Russia Treats Its Leaders and Gold

Russia has a long history of not being very kind to leaders that are failures and often face execution.

Plenty of historical examples exist, such as Peter III of Russia, killed in 1762, and Paul I of Russia, killed in 1801.

And Nicholas II of Russia was killed in 1918, and all were executed or assassinated due to their failure of leadership.

Ukraine’s military has repeatedly and consistently proven that it can successfully hit a strategic target. For example, the Crimea Bridge, a.k.a. Kerch Bridge, was possible and within the capabilities of Ukrainians and cut off the Russians, the suppliers of ammunition, equipment and personnel.

The Russian Federation has moved away from the traditional economy and is collapsing; the economy is now a war economy, and the information about the Russian economy will be complex and mainly relevant.

This is due to Russians paying for what they need to fight the war by shipping gold to its allies of convenience, like China, so they can buy what they need.

The gold the Russians are flying around the world goes straight to the states where they are shipping and flying the gold.

This will not affect the worth of gold in the international market because it is not entering the world’s global supply of gold; therefore, the value of gold will remain the same due to the limited supply, making it a more valuable commodity as a means of transaction.

Russia may never quite recover from this, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of Russia; it’s just the new status quo.

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