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Dating: When Should People Have Sex for the First Time

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When getting to know somebody when dating, when should you have sex with this person answer to this is subjective. There is no golden rule or convention due to the sexual revolution in the 1960s and 1970s, which liberated women from the burden of continuous pregnancy.

What this meant was that the convention where men would typically court a woman for a period of 3 to 6 months, and with their parent’s permission, the woman’s family, they would then proceed to get married that was one of the only ways for people to have sex due to protection and security for the women by marriage.

Now it’s been over six decades since the sexual revolution in the 1960s, and all the norms of dating and relationships are gone, and women feel pressured into having sex.

The reason for this pressure is twofold. One according to the author and journalist Louise Perry, ‘the invention of the contraceptive pill makes women think they cannot say no to men, at least temporarily; contraception, if used correctly, prevents pregnancy 99% of the time’.

The next issue that makes women feel pressured into sexual acts is modern culture, particularly with social media features and celebrities like Lizzo American rapper and her song Wet Ass Pussy and over-sexualisation being promoted by Kardashians, Instagram and only Only Fans culture.

The proof is this you have sex when you want to, you have a relationship when you want to, but most importantly, don’t be afraid and make your own choice; otherwise, other people will choose for you. Going through life being alone, being fearful or just sleepwalking through life.

Communication and Expectations

When proceeding on a first-aid is best to avoid drinking alcohol if you require alcohol to be comfortable around your date.

That means they are not the person for you, or you have been socialised to only interact with others by drinking booze.

Secondly, when selecting data locations, make sure they are public, for instance, restaurants, coffee shops or bowling alleys, so both people get to know each other in a secure and safe environment.

Some easy tips to get the conversation rolling are to communicate about your passion project and what you enjoy in your spare time and ask the other person what they like to do to see if you both have common interests and can communicate.

Also, during the get-to-know-you process, don’t talk about sex until you are near the end of your date and it is already being stated that you will be meeting each other again.

Throughout the day, by using your social skills, you will know if the other person is interested in you by the quality of your conversation.

Dating: When Should People Have Sex for the First Time
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

How Should You Date and Have Sex?

When making arrangements for proceeding dates is essential that both daters understand where they are heading and what they are looking for in a relationship with this person.

What do you want, and what do they want? Do you want a boyfriend or girlfriend and for them to eventually become a husband, a wife, a father or a mother?

Many people don’t know what they want from life and what they want from a relationship.

Sometimes people drag people along in a relationship due to laziness or unwillingness to let go of the relationship; even when both people want different things, you cannot change people to be what you want.

That’s why it’s necessary to understand where you both want your relationship to go in the long run if the person wants to have children, and you do not best to be aware before becoming emotionally attached to this person.

Finally, when should you have sex?

The answer to this is when you feel ready, and is no such thing as a set rule, but if you both are working full-time jobs and have other commitments, the four-date rule may be ideal.

The four-date rule starts as a coffee date that could become a first-aid.

During the first date, it is the convention that the men pay for the food. For the final two days is best to split the bill between two people.

That way, as a man, you’re not being used for another woman so that she can have a meal. This is called a foodie call.

A foodie call is when a woman goes on a date with a man for free food, and a recent study at Azusa Pacific University and U.C. Merced shows that up to 33% of women participate in this phenomenon.

Suppose you are a man or woman with a significantly higher income than the opposite person you are dating. In that case, it is probably better to pay for the date provided you have discussed before, and for a man, it can be a point of honour paying for a woman’s male.

As for a woman, if a man pays for the food or the event they are going to, she may feel obligated to have sexual relations with the man.

That’s why it’s crucial to establish who should pay or split the payment. Furthermore, suppose you plan to date over 3 to 6 months before sexual relations.

In that case, it is essential to establish at the beginning of the relationship that there is an agreement to split the bills equally.

If you decide to go by the four-day rule of having sex on the fourth day, ensure the discussion with the person you are dating towards the end of the first date so that you both establish where you both stand. That way, no awkwardness or tension that isn’t normal in getting to know somebody.

Dating: When Should People Have Sex for the First Time
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Sexual Assault The Statistics

The charity ‘Rape Crisis’ has reported 1 in 4 women being raped or sexually assaulted as an adult, and the highest number of rape cases reported to the police in March 2022 was 70,330.

The overall statistics in England and Wales found that 85,000 women experience rape, attempted rape or sexual assault yearly.

In 2021, the rate of sexual assaults in South Korea was 63.6 crimes per 100 thousand people.

In Japan’s according to Gender Equality Bureau a survey in March 2021, the data stated that one in 14 women had been raped or sexually assaulted in Japan.

I write this information not so that women are terrified of going on a date and meeting with men, just that they are aware of the risk and danger.

Men’s upper body strength averages 40–60% higher than women’s.

Think of that like this; if a woman could lift 100 lbs, a man could lift around 150 lbs. Lower-body strength is, on average, only 25% higher in men. Women have, on average, a 41% lower grip strength than men.

What’s been highlighted with the information is that in a physical encounter, a woman will be more vulnerable than a man, particularly if you decide to have a sexual relationship is best to be aware before you are alone with them if you do not trust the man or feel pressure to have sex don’t have sex out of obligation.

Also, if you have male friends or alcohol is involved during dating and group gatherings, it lowers inhibitions, and some men act aggressively toward women. That’s why it is best, according to the journalist Louise Perry ‘that men and women should not drink together’.

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