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Russia Stealing Ukraine, Children

destroyed residential building in ukraine

For people reading this, we must ask ourselves why the Russian Federation is stealing Ukrainian children; the answer is sadly tragic, for the Russians are not just the takeover of Ukraine; they are trying to destroy the nation’s roots and stem with the destruction of its future being the children.

Without future generations, civilisation and people cannot survive; Ukrainians and Russians are similar nations and cultural groups living on borrowed time.

Both nations live on borrowed time because neither country has the population capacity or the political will to resolve the population problem or use immigration.

The Ukrainians cannot use immigration for the obvious reason of war and other viable opportunities, and the Russians cannot use immigration because of their collectivist attitudes and not having a society that welcomes immigrants like in the West.

With this being the case, the Russians have only one option to steal parent’s and family’s children. It is believed that the number of children taken from Ukraine by the Russian Federation is between 16,000 and 307,000 and counting.

The children being taken will most likely never see Ukraine again due to being too young and the Russians not maintaining any records of where the children are being sent, with some of them being three years old or very young children who just know their parents as mum and dad and will never see their homes again.

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The Death of a Nation

Humanity since 1945 has existed in a state of relative peace, particularly Western nations and nations part of the global North and the allied systems developed by the United States in the post-World War II and Cold War after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

With this long period of peace, the West has become accustomed to nations being permanent, but this is sadly not the historical norm that nations do die.

For example, in the 18th century, in 1795, the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth was partitioned by the Russian Empire, the Holy Roman Empire ruled by the Habsburgs and Russia, all taking their slice of Poland.

From the start of the French Revolutionary Wars in 1792 and the Napoleonic Wars beginning in 1803, though historians can debate these dates.

In the late 18th century, the beginning of the great game in political circles and the international community was the rivalry between France, the British and the Russian Empire over control of the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, which led to multiple small wars and other conflicts.

These nations were jockeying for power in an archaic international political system, which means, in layperson’s terms, it is the survival of the fittest. If the weak cannot survive, they are destroyed.

What we see in Ukraine, the Russian Federation, China, South Korea and possibly Japan are nations. In the case of China, civilisations are dying due to a lack of sustained population growth.

As humans, people forget we are biological beings. The optimal birthing age of an adult human female is between 18, the politically correct age in the United Kingdom and 35.

With Russian men and Ukrainian men fighting this conflict which could drag on for years or be over in 12 months, this means this generation of men may very well not be having sex, thereby creating a new generation.

For the Ukrainians, 90% of their refugees are women and children; without children, the Ukrainian nation has no future. Without women, children cannot be created to contain the next generation of Ukrainians.

Over 8.2 million refugees fleeing Ukraine have been recorded across Europe, while an estimated 8 million others had been displaced within the country by late May 2022.

Approximately one-quarter of the country’s total population had left their homes in Ukraine by 20 March. As of 25 April, Portugal had received 33,106 refugees from Ukraine.

Most refugees are Ukrainian citizens, while 5% are non-Ukrainian nationals living in Ukraine at the time of the invasion.

There were 22,208 women refugees, 10,898 men and 11,410 minors. According to the UNHCR, the number of Ukrainian refugees across Europe was around 7.8 million.

The countries receiving the most significant numbers of refugees were Russia (2.9 million), Poland (1.5 million), Germany (1 million) and the Czech Republic (0.4 million).

The lack of childbearing age women in Ukraine means this could be the Ukrainian last war due to the lack of a sustainable population, and the same rules apply to the Russian Federation as well.

The Russians are trying to take Ukraine to fill the Western invasion gaps by controlling the Carpathian mountains when Russia still has the population and the availability of young men to fight these wars.

According to the Russian population census of 2020 to 2021, the number of men 18–26 years old in Russia was around 7.21 million in 2021.

Using this census data, the number of men 18–26 years old will decrease to 7.18 million in 2023 and should then slightly increase to 7.22 million in 2026.

According to geopolitical analyst and author Peter Zeihan, the current Russian population is between hundred and 135 million and 140 million. However, these numbers are inaccurate because Russian Federation does not publish statistics on its people.

From the data above, the Russians can only access over 7 million fighting-age men to fight their current wars with their current available population.

The figure is too small to be viable for wars of attrition just consider the 20 the 27 million men, civilians and others killed during World War II for the Russians from 1941 until 1945.

It must also be extrapolated in wars; typically, women don’t fight as frontline combat soldiers, the elderly cannot fight, and others with health conditions; this demonstrates why the Ukraine war will end both nations.

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