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How to Improve Omnichannel Customer Experience and Marketing

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Since the 29th of June 2007, the way customers buy and interact with organisations and products has fundamentally changed; there is no longer just the traditional phone call, fax machine, email, and traditional methods of how customers used to interact with products.

Today’s customer experience is fundamentally and irrevocably changed for the better; it’s now not just physical stores that need to be improved but the overall Omnichannel customer experience.

The new modern customers that are tech savvy and can gather input information on SMS, Instagram, and a host of other networking and social media platforms means that the omnichannel customer experience needs to be accessible and easy for customers to use and have access to the correct information.

According to Aberdeen Group, companies that provide a quality omnichannel customer experience will retain 89% of their customers in contrast to traditional retailers not providing a great omnichannel customer experience, which will only keep 33%.

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Improve Your Omnichannel Marketing

To improve your omnichannel customer experience, it’s first essential to understand the basic marketing principles: how businesses sell their products and services to their customers or clients.

With improvements to the omnichannel customer experience, this is how your customers will interact with any points of contact for the brands and services which they like to buy.

It has been found that 73% of customers use multiple channels when purchasing products, 20% still use traditional stores, and only 7% of customers are purely online shoppers.

Research has also discovered that customers that use four or Omnichannel are likely to spend 9% more than other customers, so what this means for retailers is that ensuring they have social media channels, a website, and other forms of contact with customers will mean more sales.

To improve the omnichannel customer experience, the marketing and information must be consistent across all points of contact with customers; these points of contact are how customers interact with the organisation’s means of purchase, such as an online store.

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Improve Mobile Service

Customers making their purchasing choices will use multiple Omni channels when making purchasing choices; this means the use of WhatsApp, Email, SMS and Websites.

This shows a way to improve the omnichannel customer experience drastically is to have better Wi-Fi in stores, and customers are purchasing. 90% of customers have negative experiences when using their mobiles inside stores and sometimes need help navigating stores online on the channels.

A further 52% of customers stated that a negative omnichannel Customer experience has led to them not making purchases or at least being less inclined to buy a product.

The massive takeaway is that improving your mobile service is having an overall user-friendly omnichannel customer experience where customers have access to excellent online customer service and can access the service having Wi-Fi in physical stores.

It’s the combination of excellent Internet connection, great customer online experience and easy accessibility that creates a more overall user-friendly omnichannel customer experience.

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A growing number of people prefer to avoid traditional communication with instar employees when making their purchases; this is why self-service is now the new customer service.

With the growing trends in millennials born from 1981 to 1996 and particularly the next generation IG born between 1995 and 2010, there is an increasing trend of consumer preference moving away from human interaction.

In practical terms, this means that to improve the omnichannel customer experience, these social media channels and other points of online contact with stores must be user-friendly and much easier to use by removing any difficulties.

Also, online customer service, such as chat boxes, must be easy for individuals online; it must become more accessible with the growing reluctance for people to interact with human beings.

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