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Online Dating What Your Opinion

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I have been working as a content writer, blogger, news writer and online magazine writer for over two years. I’ve spent 12 months also working in social media and got my start in digital marketing and copywriting. 

My interests are going to the GYN and taking good care of my physical health, especially when working mainly revolves around thinking, reading and writing. 

As a writer, I have some action projects that I like to keep my blog updated. I also write my books in my free time. I want to become a successful author or develop a knowledge skill set that is highly paid and is a force for good.

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How Do You Feel About Tinder Becoming so Popular?

For myself, I feel like I missed out on the golden age of Tinder just because with the growth of online dating, the development of social media and the growth of women marketing their sexuality with Instagram with the hyper-successful case of the Kardashians and the growth for only fans as markets the sexuality of women. 

I also have some societal concerns that social media harms people’s communication abilities. 

Also, online programs like Tinder bring the cost of sexual rejection almost down to zero. 

I would also say that Tinder and other online dating sites are very much like online shopping, except rather than shopping for groceries, people are shopping for a date, a sexual encounter or a relationship. 

Online dating is very much like dating using the power of marketing strategies. My experience in digital marketing is where I got my start with writing; it very much feels like I am a product searching for another product. 

Suppose you don’t have the correct pictures. In that case, you will come across as a serial killer or someone nefarious just because images must convey the proper lifestyle to the right woman or man, depending on individual references. 

I have noticed on platforms like Tinder and Match that there is a great deal of inspiring Instagram influences trying to market their sexuality and their appearance into a sales funnel. 

I believe these are linked to the profitability of sexuality and the growth of the Symp economy. On a more personal note, I work as a writer in different time zones, so I don’t meet people in a traditional work setting. 

So my only other real option is online dating, which works well for me, but I do feel like I am a salesman sometimes using those kinds of platforms.

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Please Generally Describe Your Experience Using Dating Sites and Apps

Regarding dating apps, I have had the most success with E-Harmony because that platform is mainly tailored or, at the very least, marketed towards people looking for a medium to long-term relationship. 

On a personal note, I don’t know if that says a good or negative thing about myself regarding dating and relationship potential just because there is a massive difference between being somebody’s boyfriend, somebody’s short-term relationship or fling or even a potential husband/Wife.

 Regarding mate selection, men and women choose different things regarding a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, and everything in between. 

On a personal note, I try to find out if somebody is interested in me for the right reasons and is their genuine attraction because, from my own life experience, I know plenty of couples where the wife has no attraction to the husband. 

In essence, I try to understand the person I’m dating for who they are, not who they present, as in essence, they try to understand the psychological profile and cypher out for mental illness. 

Using the platform itself is very easy to use you want to keep your descriptions of yourself and your interests as brief as possible this applies to my experience with Tinder and

In my experience with and Tinder, I found it was inundated with people looking for short-term relationships and women trying to market their sexuality. 

I often find it helpful to look at people’s social media accounts to get a good idea of what they are all about. 

Depending on the individuals, social media may be a method of sexual market reach by promoting individual sexuality to gather followers and build a sales funnel. 

I would also say that typically on dating sites, there are three men for every woman, and from my experience talking to women about their experience with social media like Instagram, which is the number one dating app and other dating apps and websites. 

They are inundated with sexual images that have inappropriately been sent to them by men, and at times it can be a massive ego boost to an individual sense of worth.

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