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Sales Dialogue Script Example

woman reading a script

Hello, how are you? (Respond accordingly) My name is _____, and I am a paid professional fundraiser working for REAL on behalf of the STROKE ASSOCIATION. May I ask, have you heard of The Stroke Association before?

Response Yes & NO

(Yes) Great! Then you may already know that we are one of Britain’s oldest and most successful health charities.

(No) No problem, that’s why I’m here today. We are one of Britain’s oldest and most successful health charities funding research into treating and diagnosing every form of stroke.


I don’t know if you’re aware, but a stroke occurs every 5 minutes in the UK, and the effects of that quite often change lives instantly.

Over 1.3 million people in the UK currently live with the effects of a stroke, and two-thirds of people affected by this condition are leaving the hospital with a disability.

When paramedics are called to a scene, there is currently no 100% way for them to diagnose if someone’s symptoms are coming from a stroke or not. This can lead to specialised treatment and diagnosis, as not every hospital has specialist treatment centres, and we need to get the patients into the right facility as soon as possible.

If a patient receives the right treatment within 6 hours of their stroke, the chances of a good outcome increase dramatically. We are extremely excited about this.

One of our biggest breakthroughs in recent times is the finger prick test. EMT staff can take a small amount of blood from a patient whilst providing first aid, which can indicate to the paramedics whether or not the symptoms the patient is experiencing stem from a stroke.

We are currently training several ambulance services to use the test, and if it does prove to be more reliable, then this test could be used by emergency services and hospitals across the country, which would save countless lives.

And this is why I’m here today.

The only reason we’re able to fund work like this is because of people like yourself in the past who saw the value in what we do to help us achieve life-saving breakthroughs.

So we’re asking if you could support the work of The Stroke Association with a donation of £12 a month. Is that something you can do for us?

(If the objection is light, Rebuild the Moral case (Spin-Off) and ask for £8 a month)

Our research helps improve treatments, care and rehabilitation, saving thousands of lives and helping stroke survivors make the best recovery possible. The last few years have been tremendously hard and put a significant strain on our resources which is why we’re reaching out for more help.

2nd Ask

Given your circumstances (related back to the initial objection), would a smaller amount of £8 a month be something you could do?

If yes, please ensure we reiterate the fact we are looking for long-term support for at least two years.

Introduce the Charity

Ensure the person you are speaking to understands what the Charity is dealing with.

Use a case study or example relevant to them.

Assure the person that the Charity is trying to address the problems you have just

mentioned and any other larger goals.

Describe how the Charity is going about achieving these goals. Give examples that


…Results. Solid points that demonstrate how commitment to the vision has helped

real people and the world. Gain agreement. “Good, isn’t it?!”

ASK! Open ASK for support and explain the mandate if necessary.

Empower the donor by informing them of how their support can help the Charity bring

about lasting change for the better in this world. For them, for you, and for the

beneficiaries of the Charity itself. Use your most powerful points now. Not before the

ask. This is the spin-off. If they are unsure, Empathise, Come back to the issue, Spin-off and Ask again.

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