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The wisdom of Robert Kiyosaki

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Robert Kiyosaki has a lot to teach us about mindset, what keeps us poor, and the relevance of money. 

If you read this blog, the most critical topic I want you to walk away from reading is that it is the way we are being taught in the education system that is keeping people poor I will elaborate on Robert Kiyosaki’s point and explain the wisdom of his argument and my interpretation.

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What keeps the working-class poor?

I am a working-class man from Yorkshire who has gone to a comprehensive school, college, and university. 

By going through this process, I found out that education teaches people how to get a job but does not teach people how to become wealthier. 

Also, it may not be worth going to university because according to research done by the new College of Humanities by Professor AC Grayling’s new private University in central London – found that 50 per cent chose a degree course to work in a specific area – but one in seven failed to find jobs in their chosen industry

The study of 2000 graduates found out that 96% switch their careers once they reach the age of 24, and only half of the students who have graduated work in their chosen field of study. 

This statistic shows that university may not be the best option if you are a working-class person or someone from any background. 

It may be wiser to choose a course like Marketing or Business to diversify your skillset due to Marketing and Sales having multiple employment avenues.

The way the education system works

When you go into education, the education system teaches you how to work from 9 to 5. 

It doesn’t provide flexibility, and institutions do not show you how to pay taxes or develop multiple skill sets. 

It just teaches you how to be a drone. 

The argument I’ve just made is not to be taken as naysaying. 

Still, merely as a fact, education should be there to empower people, but depending on your economic background and location, you may have subpar teachers. 

I went to high school, where the educators chose to teach as a backup plan, not as a calling. 

This, in turn, affected their ability to teach and inspire the next generation (please leave a comment if you’ve experienced something similar).

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The middle class

People of the middle classes are afraid of losing their stable job, losing their savings, and losing their steady paycheck. 

This is relevant because they will be afraid to grow their abilities and take risks. Robert Kiyosaki argues that every person has a poor person, a middle-class person and a rich person inside them. 

The mindset keeps people poor and middle-class Mr Kiyosaki argues that people shouldn’t work for the money. 

They should work for assets, and fear keeps people poor.

If you wish to broaden your horizons and develop a more robust financial and more prosperous mindset, I recommend reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich’s dad Poor dad. 

You will find it enlightening and a true eye-opener. I’m leaving a video below to give you a small taste of the wisdom you can see from Mr Kiyosaki.


What can be taken away from this blog article is that the difference between being rich and being poor is not just the quality of your resources but also how poor your main cities are and how you view yourself, view the world, and view personal and professional development. 

A wealthy mindset will continuously seek growth, both personal and professional. 

Still, a poor attitude will not develop and will not grow someone who has the skills and the ability to use the right skills will always be wealthy. 

A person with a poor mindset will stay poor for the rest of their life. 

This is what each person has a poor person and a rich person inside them. 

I am from a working-class background, and I can tell you from my experience living in England that there is negativity regarding social mobility. 

Working-class communities don’t want their fellow people to move up the social hierarchy. 

It is due to the poor mindset that poor people are afraid to take on internships, afraid to take out loans and invest money and afraid to try and grow what little they already have. 

In Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich’s dad, Poor dad, it is the fight against fear, the fight against England and the fight against your poor inner person that must be recognised as holding us all back. 

Ultimately fear is one of the most significant factors that stops our growth as human beings. We have one shot at life, and we will never get another one. 

I can only hope that we learn the importance of living life, not being ruled by our fears.

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