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Making Money as a Writer

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You can generate sales from your blog by creating a following and a subscription list due to your readers following you and, in time, generating interest in your business and products. 

For instance, if you are a hairdresser or in sales, you can use your blog to generate interest in your business or profile.

By creating your blog, you are starting your independent platform separate from any social networks or platforms owned by any other company or individual. 

How do you make your blog using software platforms like Blogger or WordPress? You will own your content and platform as long as you pay the necessary subscriptions. 

Once you have bought your domain name from, let’s say, Go Daddy domain names, you will own that domain name for as long as you pay for the domain. 

Once you own your website, you can start building your brand, your business to make money and build a micro-business. 

Think of something like the Tim Poole podcast that started as an independent journalist reporting on the news, which now has multiple employees. 

The same thing happened with the Daily Wire podcast. 

These podcasts and blogs grew out of a blog and a podcast on YouTube and other platforms. 

These content creators then grow their micro-businesses into fully-fledged businesses on their independent platforms on Website building sites like WordPress. 

They can write their content without fear of being removed or temporarily banned from social media. 

By creating your platform, you will be giving yourself and your independent business due to the security of owning your own online space.

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Selling online courses

Due to modern learning, you can create your own online professional learning course. 

You can profit from your blog, but your blog will create indirect income. 

If you start a blog within 12 months, you have 1000 views a day. 

Through your experiences and professional capabilities, you can sell your expertise and knowledge to your readers, thereby creating a profit and improving your professional profile.

To put it simply, you are selling courses on how to sell courses by showing that you can sell courses to show that you are successful in selling products online, kind of like the Kardashians. 

You are famous, in this case, successful because you have harnessed the power of your audience into a sales funnel. 

There’s nothing unethical about this as long as your product is legitimate and the customer gets what they paid for.

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Selling books

It has never been easier to create and sell your book. 

You can use Amazon to distribute and sell your product however is necessary for me to mention you must do your marketing and sell to your customers. 

This is where your blog will effectively reach out to your audience and generate sales due to your interest in yourself, and this will, in turn, lead to people buying your book. 

If you do not have a strong readership or lack traction on your social media, you would be better off going to the publishing houses where your commission will only be 30%. 

Still, you benefit from their marketing team to sell your Book.

Suppose you wish to be published by a professional publisher, according to the book Writer’s Market published by writers’ digests. In that case, they recommend that you have between 15,000 to 20,000 online followers that are faithful followers that will come and buy your product. 

In this case, your book is if you want a five-figure commission for your book. 

For a six-figure book, they expect the author to have a social network of 100,000 people from which they regularly consume and buy your products. 

It would help if you learned your digital marketing strategy to be a successful author in modern publishing. 

So, if possible, you should start building a social media network and build your market reach to sell goods and services.

Alternatively, if you are already on a high income, you could hire a ghost-writer to write a book for yourself, which a publisher like Penguin books could publish. 

You can publish your book on self-publishing platforms like Amazon.

It’s also essential that I add that if you get somebody else to write your book, it is your book, not there is because you have paid this writer to write the book you have requested written. There’s nothing shameful about this; there is a difference between being a publisher and a writer. 

You would get the credit for being the author of the book and reap the royalties of that product even if you did not write the product.

You may have negative feelings about this, but it’s common practice and is perfectly ethical and legal. 

Still, it could be perceived as unauthentic that’s why it’s crucial that if you hire a ghost-writer that the contract is straightforward because you don’t want somebody trying to claim the royalties on your book, which have a legitimate legal claim the because you have paid the ghost-writer to write your book.

Getting highly paid writing jobs

Should you become successful at blogging, you will, in turn, naturally develop a highly valued set of skills; these are;

·         Copywriting

·         Blogging

·         Search Engine Optimisation

·         Web designers can be charged for their services anything between £100 & £10,000 for their work

·         Google Analytics

·         Social Media

·         Image Consultancy

·         Brand Development

·         Article Writing

·         Book Publishing

·         Email Marketing

·         Personal Development

By reading the list above, you will see that you can develop many skills over time is also essential to add that these skills will not come straight away, but they will grow if you keep writing your blog and learning new skills to become more successful.

Selling merchandise

should you successfully develop a solid personal brand, your followers will be willing to buy mugs, T-shirts and books, and any other merchandise you sell that is part of your brand and content. 

An example of this is Blair white, a transgender woman, commentator and YouTube star who has developed her e-commerce and physical products that fans and followers can buy, such as T-shirts and clothing lines with her image.

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