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 Five Ways To Improve The Omnichannel Customer Experience

This article will try to explain five ways an omnichannel can be improved; an omnichannel is the experience customers get when they come into contact with a company’s product or services, sometimes called customer contact points.

The omnichannel tries to provide consistency at customer touchpoints which are the websites, advertising, product packaging and others.

Ultimately, the omnichannel customer experience is how customers interact with the services until they have bought the products and navigated the online or physical store.

Omnichannel tries to streamline the customer experience, making the experience more effortless for customers. So they can get all the information quickly and make a purchase.

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The User Experience

To have the best omnichannel consumer experience, the User Experience Design/UX design thinking must be an integral part of the omnichannel customer experience because UX thinking puts the user/customer first when creating a user experience.

This means that social media, and other first contact points, for example, stores, have been designed so that the user experience will be streamlined and easy to use.

This can be done by doing user testing to understand how customers behave along the customer journey and mapping the customer journey to see how the customer interacts with online stores, even at home or inside the stores themselves; this is important because a massive 73% of customers used multiple channels throughout their shopping journey.

By understanding the user experience, the omnichannel customer experience can be improved because UX design thinking is about understanding the customer’s needs and removing any pain points that make the customer journey a poor experience that leads to fewer profits.


When customers interact with the omnichannel, it’s important that the branding and messaging are consistent across all platforms.

This is the online store, social media platforms, and traditional Outbound and New Inbound Marketing Strategies.

To have a successful omnichannel customer experience, the messaging must be consistent throughout the brand.

Improve Your Social Media Response Times

Social media is critical to the omnichannel user experience; social media provides the opportunity for customers to get social proof.

But the average response time for leading businesses is 157 minutes. The percentage of companies responding within the expected 30 minutes is only 8%. And 12% of companies don’t respond to customer messages on social media.

This needs to change to create a better omnichannel user experience.

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The Purple Cow

Seth Godin, an American entrepreneur and Digital Marketer who is a pioneer of Inbound Marketing Strategies, put forward the idea in his book The Purple Cow that to stay competitive, companies and brands must create their purple cow that will stand out from the competition.

Companies must build things worth noticing into their products or services.

This is essential for omnichannel and building a successful user experience so that the channel will stand out from the competition by being different after doing the necessary testing by looking at the customer information.

Resolving Customer Pain Points

For the omnichannel user experience to be the best experience for customers, any blockages or difficulties customers have when navigating the online store, physical store, or social media channels must be resolved.

Understanding customer behaviours by developing an empathy map showing the user’s emotions when interacting with the omnichannel will help organisations improve the omnichannel customer experience.

Being empathetic to customers and meeting their needs will lead to a better user experience and more profits.

Personas generate a way to analyse the data by keeping the customer at the forefront of resolving pain points by creating empathy by putting the Users first when designing and improving the omnichannel customer experience.

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