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How to become a blogger a beginner’s guide

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Starting a blog is part of a field of work called copywriting, which involves generating leads and sales through print.

Blogging has these elements, but a blog’s superposes varies from generating sales, generating leads, or purely for an individual’s enjoyment.

For instance, if you want to, you can create a diary blog best to think of the TV series Sex and the city, where the protagonist makes a blog about their life in New York and their sexual activities with their friends and partners.

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Creating your blog and choosing your niche

When creating your blog, you need to choose a site and a web address. These can all be provided by You will also want to choose email marketing for small businesses.

I would recommend Aweber as an Email Marketing System. An email marketing system is essential to inform your subscribers when producing new blog content.

You can also create an email marketing campaign and newsletter through Aweber.

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The importance of consistency with your blog and other Digital Marketing

The importance of consistency is that being consistent on how many blogs you create per month or Per week will let people know when you will create regular content or if your content will only be created once a month.

The blogger and digital marketer Neil Patel make four blogs a month, and for each new blog, he gets 37,000 views (

The importance of having a schedule of when you need to create blogs will let the Google search engine know that you are consistent creation.

This would lead to higher Google rankings. Your ranking on the Google search engine can be affected by the content you create, how competitive your particular niche is, and how consistent you are.

If you go months without blogging, you’ll have to start this process again.

It would be best to be consistent when creating your blogs and other digital content.

I mentioned other digital content because you can market your products using Twitter and other social media sites like LinkedIn.

Suppose you have a particular niche which is modelling and travelling.

You can use Instagram and Facebook if these social media platforms are where your target audience is.

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Skills of a successful blogger

You may be overwhelmed having read the paragraphs above about becoming a blogger.

As a blogger, the essential skill you must start with is your ability to write in a conversational tone.

Other skills such as Digital Marketing, Digital Communications and using different methods to market your products or online content such as podcasts will take time to develop.

When I first started this process, it seemed overwhelming, and as a mountain, it takes time to climb.

By doing and reading up on the relevant materials, you will find that you will slowly become better and more skilled in content creation and promoting your blog.

If you are an active user on social media, you may already have an advantage in creating sharing your blog with followers.

The importance of choosing a niche

When you start writing your blog, I recommend you have no more than four niches or themes to focus on because you do not want to confuse your audience about the kind of content you will be creating.

The best way to choose a niche is to think about what you’re good at and what you know.

If you are a technological person, you can do specialised posts about electronics and other technical devices.

If you are passionate about self-help and health and beauty, that can also be a solid topic.

Also, if you are a fitness fanatic and value physical fitness, you can create a blog connected to your strategy for a more robust and fitter body.

You could even talk about the mindset you need to improve yourself.

Final thoughts

When you decide to create a blog using WordPress, go daddy, or other online platforms you can use to make your blog, you mustn’t bite off more than you can because you may have time constraints and other priorities.

When I am writing this book is goal is to provide you with digital marketing opportunities.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme or an easy fix to your problems; please keep in mind that it is not a race but a marathon because when it comes to creating a blog, you also need a host of other skills for a blog to become profitable.

This will take time for a blog to become successful. It can be anything between six months to 5 years.

 When it comes to writing your content, the best thing to do is to write about content that matters to yourself or something that could be work-related Because when you start writing a blog, you don’t want it to become a new job.

It must be something you are willing to continuously develop and improve upon month after month, year after year.

If you choose the wrong one, that could destroy all the hard work you have done in creating a blog having to start all from the beginning.

It’s also important to understand your goals for your blog.

You don’t have to become a blogger to become an entrepreneur.

You could write a blog as a personal diary, a block generating income or a blog as an educational platform for the personal development space.

You could be a husband, a wife or a CEO just wanting to write about life’s challenges and advise how people can avoid your pitfall.

The purpose of my is a blog dedicated to personal and professional development with a market niche focus on digital marketing, digital business, writing and development.

These are the four niches that I have chosen.

I have been developing the necessary content and educational information for over 14 months, and new topics will eventually be going into the blog content and the relevant social media platforms.

I hope this post gives you plenty of ideas and information on becoming a blogger and where to start. Do not worry if your blog is ugly or your first posts will be shite.

It is not the best if you read any of my earlier content, but I have consistently kept on writing and improving.

You can do the same. It would help if you had faith in yourself and that improvement comes with consistency.

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