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Notes On Interactions UX Design

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Interactions and micro-interactions          

An example of an interaction is where a user intends to open a Gmail account. Another action is completing the form, and finally, we have the results to recap what interaction there is first the intent, second the action and ultimately, the result.

Rules of interaction design

·         how the interface works

·         what it can and cannot do

·         success and failure

·         what feedback is given

·         what data is used and from where

·         what data is produced and where it goes

Understanding the rules of the design, that is, the website, physical products or other rules related to functionality, practicality, and any different rules have to be considered when creating a design for a website, app, or physical product, for example, footballs are circular, not squares.

The rules for users are that the software and device must be easy for the customer to understand the software must also be easy to learn and navigate.

In other words, if a website or different kinds of products are straightforward to use, it means the customers will interact or make purchases with the products. What is needed is for the customer to use as little mental capital as possible.

Recommended reading

Book About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design, Alan Cooper, Arguably the book that defined interaction design. Its principles are still as relevant today as they were 20 years ago—a must-read for any aspiring UX designer.

Book Micro-interactions, Dan Saffer

The definitive how-to guide and reference book on micro-interactions.

Book Simple and Usable, Giles Colborne

A quick and easy read, great to dip into whenever you need a reminder that simplicity is powerful in design.

Additional resources Websites

Google’s Material Design Guidelines Link

Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines Link

HTML based controls – W3 Schools Link

CSS based controls – W3 Schools Link

Micro-interactions: The Secret of Great App Design – UX Planet Link

Beginner’s Guide to Interaction Design – UX Booth Link LinkAnalysis Techniques Notes for UX Design- Blog Link

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