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Portfolio Peace Understanding Influencer Marketing And Why It Is So Effective

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To understand influencer marketing and the benefits, you will need to understand three key points: what is an influencer, marketing, and inbound marketing.

An influencer is nothing new or revolutionary. What has changed the nature of marketing and increased the power of the influencer is the creation and invention of new technologies like Facebook in 2004, Instagram in 2010 and the creation of YouTube in 2005.

New methods of communication and new technology have revolutionised the power of marketing and the power of the influencer to sell products and services.

According to Paco Underhill, the author of Why We Buy The Science of Shopping, and Oliver James, the author of Office Politics, human beings buy products to gain social status or be perceived as having high status or influence.

To put it simply, an influencer is a high-status individual or group that people wish to emulate or be associated with; an example of this can be the advertisements and marketing that happens during the Super Bowl.

Influences, marketing is just a method of the company expand their market reach this also applies to individual brands. With your target audience becoming aware of a product or service, a way to connect personally with the consumer is by building communities that give individuals value. In return, the consumer will buy products and services.

The benefits of influencer marketing strategy

A simple but compelling argument can explain the influence influencer marketing has on consumers; this can be stated in one word the Kardashians. Kyle Jenna and Kim Kardashian have more Instagram followers in the United States and the whole of the European Union. The family has over 700 million followers on social media.

From these numbers, it’s easy to understand the relevant and vital influencers; you do not need to be on the level of the Kardashians to sell products or services.

It would help if you had a sizeable enough audience to generate a revenue stream by selling your products, services, or products from other brands and making a profit through sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

One of the great benefits of influencer marketing is that it can be done cheaply, with the only cost being a laptop, a phone and an Internet connection which can be used to build your audience.

When promoting and selling products, it is necessary to research your audience and know your listeners and viewers.

This is important because Logan Paul, as of 2022, has over 22 million YouTube followers, made the argument that Instagram models selling female products to a male-dominated audience is a waste of revenue potential.

So when building your audience, your brand and your public persona match the products and services to your audience. For example, the trigonometry podcast, whose viewers are primarily male, sell male grooming products by promoting products by Mans Scape.

Inbound marketing

From reading the section above, it should become clear about the benefits of influences in understanding this is now it’s now vital to understand inbound marketing to maximise your profit potential and build your audience.

To be successful and inbound marketing is necessary to understand one key concept: put the customer first, build a community, be genuine, and offer actual value due to the modern customer and consumer having a solid Bull Shit detector.

To put it simply necessary to build trust and then use the confidence to sell products and services that must offer your audience value and reflect your brand; remember the advice of Logan Paul you cannot sell bikinis to a male-dominated audience.


From reading this article, you should hopefully understand three concepts: marketing, what is influencer marketing, and what is an influencer. Marketing is a method to expand market reach the market reach is with the general public becoming aware of your product or service and buying products or services in return.

Influence marketing uses these influences’ communities and fan base to sell companies’ products and services. Finally, inbound marketing is a method and strategy of building trust and building value to market and promote services to customers.

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