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Digital Marketing and Films

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What is vital about filmmaking, and why is it relevant when it comes to digital marketing and selling products and services with the creation of handheld film cameras and video recording devices thanks to the ingenuity of Apple. 

The first smartphone means that anybody with the correct equipment and software can create a film.

This is highly relevant when creating your product and promoting your services because human beings understand information better through images. 

For example, the Lord of the rings, written by John RR Tolkien, was initially meant to have illustrations.

Images are highly relevant because images can give your customers and your products and services more information than words. Pictures and film triumph over words every time.

When it comes to creating content, it is not the words that will lead to success but the quality of your film production.

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Studio Films

A studio film is usually greenlit by the head or heads of major studios. They have a healthy budget that averages around $6 million, with some as high as 150 million or more, and they have a significant star name to increase the chances of box office success.

It’s important to highlight that star power does not guarantee strong returns at the box office. Having major stars will massively increase the budget of productions. For example, Scarlett Johansson got $22 million and royalties from starring in Black Widow.

It’s more common for big studios to use successful novel ideas, comic books and other franchises like Harry Potter to produce movies and TV series. 

For example,s HBO’s Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon and the movie franchise Harry Potter and the Comic book superheroes created by Marvel and DC.

Suppose you are interested in getting studio support. It is essential to be aware that the studio has the final say and will be a team of writers and marketing people who will influence your film’s end product.

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Independent films

An independent film is often a low budget of $5000 to $3 million because the filmmaker has to raise money on their independent movie free from studios’ interference. This also means they will be free of any financial backing from big studios.

Creating an independent film could be an opportunity to promote your directing skills or acting skills if you are in the environment, let’s say, University. 

If you are doing marketing, you can connect with young actors and people doing camera work, audio work and other creative skills related to digital marketing, film production and any other skills related to producing a film. 

You have an excellent opportunity to collaborate and create your independent movie.

Independent studio films

A studio’s independent division is a minor division of a more prominent company with smaller budgets and possibly fewer black suits deciding and distributing the movies from that division. 

Some movies are acquisitions those big studios then distribute.

Get Out, A Quiet Place and The Big Sick are independent films released by major studios. All receive exposure to big studio pictures, including studio marketing dollars in the millions.

Independent studio films are an oxymoron because a film produced by a studio division is an independent studio film in name only. The studio controls how the movie is created.


From reading this blog, you should understand the importance of film production and why it is relevant to digital marketing and selling products. 

A movie is a product that doesn’t just sell the film but sells the attaching merchandise. Just think of Star Wars merchandise, and He-Man merchandise created in the 1970s and 80s is the most iconic. 

The importance of digital marketing and marketing is that this skill set encompasses almost everything. 

No scratch that the relevance and necessity of marketing exist in everything. 

Without the ability to promote yourself and your product, there will be no avenues of success without this skillset in digital marketing.

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