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How digital marketing agencies can thrive with remote working

Pearl lemon SEO has been kicking ass for over seven years; it started with just a laptop and one man with a dream. This may sound like a cliché, but this is how the origins of Pearl Lemon began with a large pot of coffee and an idea that has revolutionised the way we work, the way we live and the future of UK business.

These ideas have revolutionised the way businesses are run. The philosophy of a modern competitive organisation that operates on agile thinking is essential for companies to succeed in the 21st century. So, what are these philosophies? A lot of companies that grew in the old order of thinking are organisations before the 1980s or more accurately, depending on who created the organisation before the creation and establishment of the Internet, the importance of the Internet cannot be overstated and how it had changed business and changed all our lives, Bill Gates, in the 1990s was laughed at when he stated that information would change the world?

As we have all experienced over the past two years with lockdown, we have seen companies become successful working in remote, which can reduce the company’s operating costs and improve efficiency. The key to successful remote working is having an agile, committed, and professional workforce; remote working for digital marketing or any higher-level skills requires an organisation’s culture to facilitate mutual trust. You cannot have remote working unless there is a culture that promotes remote working and a culture that weans out staff that cannot be trusted to work from home.

When it comes to Pearl Lemon and using SEO that can be a culture shock, technological shock and a solid reluctance to work remote in our to overcome this, there is a requirement for a company’s culture to be technologically adapted, a willingness to improve and the understanding when it comes to digital marketing you must, adapt with technologies, the software is on different platforms.

Facebook was created in 2004, YouTube 2005, Instagram 2010 and the first blog were created in 1994; this is relevant to digital marketing and remote working because tools that facilitate remote digital marketing are incredibly no and this, unfortunately, means that older companies’ culture may not be up to the task of relearning a new philosophical mindset that would facilitate remote working.

A company’s culture is dictated by the founders, shareholders and the way the company developed and evolved; for example, Amazon created by Jeff Bazoes and Apple and the co-founder Steve jobs create an environment with agile thinking but not necessarily the digital mindset are the attitude to remote working due to when these companies were formed which influenced the organisational philosophy until this day.

As you can see, there is a lot to truly unpack to truly understand if your organisation can genuinely use digital marketing strategies and work effectively from remote please get in contact with us because there is a possibility that to be successful with remote working your organisations may not have the right culture or a series of other factors that impact remote work.

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