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The Indian plains and the tribes that lived there

The Indian plane is the central United States where Indians or, more accurately, Native American tribes used to live the Indian plains used to be home for many different tribal groups. These tribal groups were Sioux, Comanche and Apache tribes.

The tribes of the central plains were predominantly nomadic; this means they mainly lived in Tipi, moving from place to place to get better grazing land or move around the central plains.

Not all Native Americans were nomads; for example, the Lakota Sioux regularly moved from place to place led a nomadic lifestyle in contrast Mandans that lived in permanent villages.  

The role of women in tribal life

The women did most of the work in villages or camps, while the men hunted and fought; although men were ahead of the family, women owned the tipi, which is the family tent and its contents within which gave women status.

Buffalo were vital for the Native American living in the Indian plains; they used almost every part of the animal for meat, skin the clothes, tents and bones for weapons and tools

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