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Creating Digital Marketing Plan

Role of Internet Marketing?

The role of Internet marketing to put simply is to expand the market reach of a product or service Internet provides the possibility of contacting millions if not billions of customers, however, to be realistic your product or service reach will depend on your search engine optimisation and overall online marketing strategy. When it comes to Internet marketing you must develop a social media presence, podcast and other online platforms to expand your market reach to reach customers with your product or service.

Explain the different steps of the marketing cycle?

The marketing cycle consists of six steps which are customer and market analysis, analysing the competition and yourself, analysing distribution channels, creating a marketing plan, implementing the plan, reviewing and revising the marketing plan.

Consumer and Market Analysis is where before promoting or selling a product or service it’s necessary to first analyse the marketplace to see who is interested in your products and do a particular company require your market niche or service.

Analysing the Competition and Yourself this is done by looking at your advantages and what products or services you can offer to companies also do your market research and look at your weaknesses and the company or sector niche you are hoping to sell your products or services to. It’s also necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of your weaknesses and the weaknesses you are hoping to solve when it comes to selling products or services to other companies.

Analysing Distribution Channels traditionally goes from a wholesaler which is typically a company, organisation or individual who sells goods typically to retailers this then goes to distributors and finally sales will be made. During this process there is advertising, and other marketing both online and off-line and sales skills involved in the sale and distribution of products or services.

When Creating a Marketing Plan, it’s important to think about the product what is it, what does it do and who is it for is also necessary to think about where it will be sold will it be online, in retail areas or other outlets and platforms. There’s also the promotion of the products will it be primarily inbound or outbound marketing is traditional TV commercials and marketing strategies that were used to make traditional brands like Cola-Cola a global success. Alternatively, there is inbound marketing this is where marketers offer the customer something relevant and meaningful to them which can be used to build a customer base an example of this can be seen with Kevin Samuels who is a media consultant and YouTube star who uses online social media platforms to create a community and leveraged that community to sell products and his services as an image consultant.

The final part of the marketing strategy is to Implement, Evaluate, Review, and Revise your marketing plan or products this is due to today’s globalised economy where companies, marketeers and all levels of the selling, procreation and marketing are facing constant pressure to maintain results to satisfy shareholders. This requires an individual to be mentally flexible Robert Green in his book Mastery makes the argument to become successful and develop new skills and individual needs flexibility and determination to constantly gain and develop new skills. Mr Green makes the argument that a true master has more than one skill set and is capable of developing new skills quickly having already mastered the mental capacity to develop mastery. The importance of developing new skills is incredibly relevant to a digital marketing plan because it will require constant reviews, adapter nations and changes to stay competitive but simply an individual must be incredibly resilient and flexible in the development of ideas.

How can Sharing Messages effect your Sales?

Sharing messaging about selling products or services have changed because no longer being about direct selling with the traditional focus being according to Jill Konrath getting the order, opportunity fulfilment, communicate value and product, service or solution. Jill Konrath makes the argument that selling and marketing products have changed and that the old ways are not coming back now the focus is on making a difference, demand generation, creating value, knowledge, the expertise of sellers. What has happened is a culture change in the way products are sold and marketed due to people and companies constantly being bombarded with sales and special offers, it’s important to understand that modern company are constantly under pressure to perform better with few resources and less time. What the culture change means to promote your product or service you must first bring value to the customer or the company you are hoping to help this is done by having market knowledge because companies will not take the time to train or to inform the consultant of their needs.

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