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Apple employees push back against returning to full-time

You may have noticed over the last year Managers/Team Leaders/Directors/Owners had to adapt to COVID-19 to keep their businesses, livelihoods and employees working this inevitably led to a hybrid working between home and the office. This may lead to Directors and their colleagues being nervous, some are suffering from anxiety and other conditions due to being separated from family, colleagues and friends this means is now more important than ever to manage people’s mental health. By focusing on a healthy mindset this better for your colleagues and it will inevitably improve companies’ efficiency this can be seen in the Book writer by Dale Carnegie How To Win Friends and Influence People. In Mr Carnegie writings he makes the compelling argument that a happy workforce that is led by an outgoing and happy Manager and Directors with the correct mindset and positivity will lead to more efficient work force. It’s important to add that Dale Carnegie advocates that by simply smiling and being cheerful genuinely and humanly that the productivity of the workforce will naturally increase, in turn, this will spread to the whole organisation.

Making hard choices that don’t need to be made

We all know life requires sacrifices whilst we are younger providing you make the right decisions and put in the right work and take action on the opportunities we are bound to prosper. However, being forced to choose between your career and your family is not something that should or needs to be required in today’s modern working environment. (View Steve jobs vision of remote working ). It’s also necessary to add even though the nature of work has changed which scares people particularly traditionalists because change is scary but it’s important to remember that humanity has been through this before and will go through this again. Therefore, it’s more important ever that Managers and Directors manage their employees effectively and keep in mind the Company’s efficiency and the mental and health of its skilled work force.

Saving money for employees and the company

Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple stated in 1992 that by using computer technologies companies can create teams and then efficiently disintegrate the old team structure, move the team to other departments to other tasks thereby creating a more efficient organisation. Mr jobs also made the argument that companies are hard to change and to adapt to new environments Steve jobs makes argument that technology paired with an efficient workforce will increase a company’s efficiency. (Pease View the 1990 2 minute clip Due to Managers and organisations becoming more digitised an organisation can save money, Managers can be used more effectively and can create teams almost instantly, also technology cuts down on resources such as large office spaces with all the equipment and resources required to run an office. We have talked about the professional side of digitisation now it’s time to talk about the personal side. Remote working helps the disabled who have difficulties going to work but also helps mothers to raise families and for colleagues to have a healthy work-life balance. It’s also important to mention the financial aspect and stress of money Seth Meyers a psychologist makes the argument that divorce is primarily influenced by financial problems. If a Managers and Team Leaders are facing domestic problems and financial woes this concern will affect their productivity at the workplace this could be resolved by cutting down on commuting costs. Furthermore, by allowing Colleagues to work from home they then can meet the domestic and emotional demands at home and therefore be able to meet the work demands with a healthy and resilient mindset.

Statistics on finder a comparison website

Quick overview: the latest statistics Our research found that 60% of the UK’s adult population are currently working from home during the Coronavirus lockdown. 26% of Brits plan to continue to work from home permanently or occasionally after lockdown. On average, each of these workers will save £44.78 a week by cutting out things like commuting and buying lunch out. This results in 23.9 million Brits working from home are saving around £1.1 billion each week between them. Before the lockdown, only 1.54 million people worked from home for their main job, just 6% of how many do now during the lockdown. 10 years ago, this figure was a mere 884,000. Two different surveys both found that around two-thirds of employees say they’re more productive when working from home. However, one in five remote workers has also said they struggle with loneliness. Benefits of working from home Increased productivity Employees generally appreciate a company that allows them to work from home and research has suggested that this could also boost productivity for the employer. 65% of workers said they would be more productive in a home office than a normal office. 75% of workers say they will be more productive due to reduced distractions. 83% of employees feel they do not need an office to be productive. Two-thirds of employer’s report increased productivity for remote workers compared to in-office workers.

Analysis conducted by

Remember to have a strong mindset

By focusing more on our mental health will inevitably affect our performance at work by having a healthy and constructive work-life balance your colleagues, Managers and Directors will be far more productive by finding the correct balance between remote and office working. It is important to mention that this blog is not fighting for pro-remote working or return to work but is working in a way that complements both sets of peoples. It is also necessary for all peoples no matter the profession to seek a method to strengthen their mental and physical health by focusing on the psychological side of Managers and Business owner’s health this will, in turn, leads to happier workers and happier home life. I can give an example of where a dedicated professional focusing on their mental health increased their productivity the professional Kevin Samuels spent 30 years working in Marketing and Sales and Brand Management it currently works as an Image Consultant and Social Media Influencer. Mr Samuels makes the argument that to be “a highly valued man” or a highly valued professional or just a normal worker that is important for an individual to seek a professional psychologist to look after their mental health. Having a healthy mindset means you can be healthy at work and can be healthy at home it is mental health that cannot be seen is more important for yourself and your colleagues.


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