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Making Money as a Blogger

More customers to your real-world training, sales and property businesses

You can generate sales from your blog by creating a following and a subscription list due to your readers following you and in time generating interest in your business and products for instance if you are a hairdresser or in sales, you can use your blog to generate interest in your business or your profile.

Selling online courses

Due to the nature of modern learning education is possible to create your own online professional learning course you can thereby make a profit not directly from your blog but your blog will create indirect income for instance if you start a blog and within 12 months you have over 1000 views a day. Through your experiences and professional capabilities, you can then sell your experience and knowledge to your readers thereby creating a profit and improving your professional profile.

Selling books

It has never been easier to create and sell your book you can just use Amazon to distribute and sell your product however is necessary for me to mention you must do your marketing and sell to your customers. This is where your blog will be effective in reaching out to your audience and generating sales due to the interest in yourself and this will in turn will lead to people buying your book. I would recommend if you do not have a strong readership or lacking traction on your social media you would be better off going to the publishing houses where your commission will only be 30% but you have the benefit of their marketing team to sell your Book.

Getting highly paid speaking jobs

Should you become successful at blogging you will in turn naturally develop a highly valued set of skills these are;

  • Copywriting
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Web designers can be charged for their services anything between £100 & £10,000 for their work
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Image Consultancy
  • Brand Development
  • Article Writing
  • Book Publishing
  • Email Marketing
  • Personal Development

By reading the list above you will see that you can develop many skills over time is also important to add that these skills will not come straight away but they will come if you keep writing your blog and learning new skills to become more successful.

Selling merchandise

should you successfully develop a strong personal brand your followers will be willing to buy mugs, T-shirts and books as well as any other merchandise which you sell which is part of your brand and your content. An example of this is Blair white a transgender woman, commentator and Youtube star who has developed her e-commerce and physical products which are fans and followers can buy such as T-shirts and clothing line with her image.

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