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Personal Brand 4 Pillars For Blogging

Your strengths, values and mission

Why should your readers recommend reading your blog watching and listening to your content on various social medial channels such as Anchor, Youtube and other social media platforms?. What makes you special what will people get out of your content and what are the mission and value of your product, yourself and your business. If you are doing a personal development blog you must make it clear what your blog is about, its purpose, its aims, its mission and who your blog is for.

Your image

When developing your image is important that you should be truthful, honest and above all avoid BS (Bull Shitting) due to the hyper-competitive nature of blogging and that people are being bombarded with information both real and fake all the time people that read blogs and are looking for services are becoming more adept at spotting people who speak and write BS. When promoting your image deliver no false promises and offer no quick solutions creating your image will take years and developing any kind of business takes five years and most new businesses last under five years and entrepreneurs often have to try to create a business more than once time before being successful. Blogging in its essence is incredibly simple what is hard is spreading the image of your brand and your services this can take years.

Your authenticity and trust factor

Remember to be authentic and build trust between yourself and your audience/readers remember your authenticity will increase the trust factor between yourself and your readers break that trust and you will spend a lot of time rebuilding your professional image which could be irrefutably tarnished.

Your opinions

Keep your opinions factual and accurate do not steal opinions and views from other people do not copy other writers news articles or blog posts on the topic your content must be original and the same goes for your ideas and content creation. You can use new stories to generate content ideas and content writing just as long as you put your ideas forward but remember there is no such thing as an totally original idea but that’s okay because you are putting your spin on the news story.

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