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Three main flavours of blogging

Those who block to grow their personal profile

All companies, organisations and individuals have a personal brand or company brand sometimes these two can be intermixed just think of Joe Bazo the founder of Amazon, Steve Jobs the founder of Apple and Elon Musk who created their own personal and business brands. As bloggers we will need to use social media; Facebook, LinkedIn or others depending on where these social media platform reaches our target audience, for instance, Instagram is dominated by women and YouTube primarily has an audience of men. When creating your brand depending on your platform and device you are using you must think about your audiences, your image and what sort of image and personality you are trying to attract viewers towards your product and yourself. When you are developing your brand you developing your public image and persona it’s important whilst creating that you are genuine and truthful to yourself other words you will not have the energy or motivation to continue to create your blog and personal media brand if you are not motivated or genuine.

Those who blog about their chosen subject topic

If you have a personal topic which you love and are passionate about you could use that topic to create a successful blog or a blog tailored towards a small niche audience this could be linked to the community that have similar interests to yourself. It’s important to note that when you are writing about your chosen topic if you are led by passions is important to remember that your interests in a particular topic will naturally change so it may be more beneficial to write about your profession and field of work. By combining your work profession you can use that experience to complement your content creation process and translate all your knowledge and experience into your blog.

Those who blog to enhance their business profile

If you run a small business or any kind of organisation you can use a blog to enhance your company image and profile alternatively if you have a small business such as being a hairdresser or freelance copywriter you can use a blog to advertise your business and capabilities.

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