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What is a content strategy and how to build a successful content plan for your blog

Blogging is a content strategy

To start your content strategy you must have an idea or a goal in mind for your blog you must have an idea of your target audience and what you hope to accomplish if you’re writing just for yourself you may only garner a small but active community. For instance, Andy Weir the author of the book the Martian which is adapted to the film Martian starring Matt Damon. For Andy Weir, his goal in his blog was to create fiction stories for himself and a small audience of 3000 people when he created his novel the Martian in 2011. I’m using this example to show that not all blogs have the goals to create millions or even make living some blogs start as a passion project which can turn into a business. For Andy Weir, he created a Kindle book on Amazon for his novel the Martian for his audience to enjoy his book at a low price of 99p.

Marketing strategy for your blog

According to Wikipedia, the definition of a marketing strategy is “Marketing strategy is a long-term, forward-looking approach and an overall game plan of any organization or any business with the fundamental goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage by understanding the needs and wants of customers”. So to put in terms that I and you can understand the beginnings of your marketing strategy is purely to get people interested and familiar with your blog this can be done by using several digital marketing strategies I’m going to go through some strategic decisions you can make now.


Create a Facebook account, populate your account with images of yourself and your business or blog make sure not to have purely business on your Facebook but have images of you doing activities not just images that are business-related because Facebook is primarily a social networking site.

Create a Facebook group

Create a Facebook group in support of your blog you can put captions about your blog on Facebook you can also create live videos about your blog to garner interest in yourself and your blog from the Facebook community. Be warned that’s Facebook doesn’t like people selling products and purely trying to generate leads for products and e-commerce Facebook likes people to be social not just marketing to Facebook users. You can also pay for Facebook to allow you to advertise on their social networking site because Facebook doesn’t make their money from their Facebook users but small businesses both large and small using Facebook as a way to market products and ideas.


LinkedIn is a site primarily used as a professional networking platform for professionals to connect to gain experience and to seek professional advice. The platform is also used as a method to sell and hire services for instance if you are a copywriter you could use the platform to contact business owners to see if they’re interested in hiring your services depending on the nature of your blog and profession will ultimately decide whether or not you find the LinkedIn platform useful. The big difference between Facebook and LinkedIn is that Facebook is social networking but Linkedin is a professional networking site.


You can create a podcast to expand your market reach by connecting with more people by creating a podcast on your blog topic you can use your podcast and blog to feed the traffic and consumers for both your blog and partnering podcast to increase your options for monetisation.

Marketing creating leads and customer generation

By blogging, you will also create leads and customer generation for instance if you doing product reviews or food review blogs you can request a fee from the restaurant or company you are blogging about. You can also create leads by blogging about a particular product or services which can, in turn, lead to people’s purchasing a product you can also create leads by creating a landing page or newsletter and subscription page to attract people to keep coming back to your blog.

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