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The three kinds of Bloggers

Those who blog to grow their personal profile

By starting a blog, you can enhance and promote your personal profile by promoting yourself and promoting your services if you are a freelance copywriter or freelance journalist or any kind of freelance profession you can use a blog to promote yourself. For instance, if you are a personal trainer, you can use your blog to talk about training techniques, foods and other relevant methods to improve a person’s physical fitness. A blog can be also used to highlight your skills and demonstrate your experience and the depth of your knowledge for example a copywriter or a writer can use a blog to demonstrate their writing abilities and the ability to drive web traffic to their website.

Those who blog about their chosen subject

blogging about a chosen subject can help with starting your blogging journey or writing journey depending on which term you want to use by blogging about your interests can help to sustain your blog. However, keep in mind your interests can change and when you make changes to your blog for instance if you start a blog talking about gaming then change your mind as you get older or your interest change you have to start writing about something else. The benefits of passion blogging are that you can morph your blog to the subjects that you are passionate about in the current profession you are currently working. For instance, if you are a Recruiter, Work Coach or Personal Development Coach you can use your blog for personal development advice to create a strong readership by linking your professional experience with your blog will help to expand your personal business or personal profile.

Those who blog to enhance their business profile

If you are a small business owner or have any kind of business no matter the scale you can use your blog to promote yourself and promote your business for example if you are a Copywriter or Trainer you can use a blog to advertise yourself and promote your product. But to get the most out of your blog you must work on Search Engine Optimisation to climb the Google search engine to get the first page on peoples google search. You can promote your business using a variety of social media platforms such as creating a Facebook and create a social group around your business as long as it’s relevant to your business and can be used and effective way on the Facebook platform over social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn are also invaluable. When it comes to marketing it can be something as simple as word of mouth or using digital marketing to enhance your market reach this is where a blog can become handy to expand your profile and expand your target audience.

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