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CV template

The aim of this blog is provided with a template with what your CVs should look like I am also going to provide links to my previous blogs on CV and cover letter creation.

Jonathan Stephan Harry Riley

your address

your email

your social media preferably LinkedIn or professional Facebook page

your contact numbers


I have seen the position of Editorial Assistant working for Cambridge University press stationed in at Cambridge or Remote working for the 12 months fixed term publishing content primarily on Psychology. I’m very interested in the role because I have a passion and a personal interest in Psychology and political thought due to my time at university and readings of thinkers like Jordan Peterson and Robert Green’s 48 Rules of Power.

Work History

CONCENTRIX- This is an American business services company my current role and responsibility is as a Tier 3 Covid-19 track and trace phone operator my responsibility is to contact people that may have Covid-19 and to advise the public what to do by following the information provided to me by National Health England.

Oriflame Cosmetics- Oriflame is a cosmetic Swedish company started in 1967 my current role is working as a Digital Marketing and Sales Assistant which involves me using social media to sell cosmetic products. I am also responsible for delivering and collecting orders for Oriflame products. Furthermore, I’m also developing skills to promote myself, promote other people and promote the product. I am also developing Copywriting, Recrement and Marketing Skills. Reasons for wanting to leave this role is a pyramid scheme which I was not aware of when I first joined.

Akribeia- Marketing and sales company which is currently contracted to work for Octopus Energies. The former role is to work as a Sales Representative and Ambassador for Octopus energy where I have talked to between 90 and 120 households per weekday.

Market stall owner-name of employer

Market stall Assistant: gave me the responsibility of selling and assisting customers to select and buy goods. This work also enabled me to develop negotiation skills and skills of tact and diplomacy while dealing with customers.

Market stall manager: was the responsibility given to me when I was left in charge of the running of the Market Stall.


Purstone E-ACT ACADEMY – Pontefract GCSE: 2014: English B, Science Pass, Maths C, History B, R religious Education B, Public Services Pass

New College Pontefract: Government and Politics A, History B, Religious Studies B

Hull University – City of Hull Politics and International Relations degree 2:2

Lead Academy- Copywriting – Write Persuasive Copy and awarded this certificate on 15 February 2021 Certificate Code: 68623-146980-57667

Lead Academy- Copywriting Secrets and awarded this certificate on 19 February 2021 Certificate Code: 68623-146881-57667

Professional Digital Marketing at QLS Level 5 and awarded this certificate on 13 March, 2021 Certificate Code: 68623-80009-57667


  • Basic computer skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Good team member and worker
  • Can negotiate with customers
  • Excellent research skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Strong verbal communication
  • Extremely organised
  • Data management
  • Speak English
  • Sales skills
  • Social media
  • Search Engine Optimisation skills
  • Writing skills
  • Digital Marketing skills
  • WordPress
  • Article Writing
  • Canva 
  • Podcasting
  • Audio Work
  • I am severely dyslexic and because of my learning difficulty, I had to become familiar with computers and various software programmes which enable me to write essays and dissertations without assistance. I am extremely proficient with software such as “Dragon 15” and “Read and Write”. This can be seen in this CV which I have dictated to using the type of software I have mentioned.

Personal Interests

•            Reading – fiction, history, philosophy, self-improvement, gaming-Total War series and Crusader Kings series

•            Personal development

•            Audiobooks

•            Cycling

•            Watching Podcasts-Joe Rogan 

•            Blogging on my Website-

•            Podcasting on my Website


Putt the names of your contacts including their email and phone number also remember to ask their permission for the references whether they be academic or from previous workplaces

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