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Cover Letter Template

This Blogg aims to give an understanding of what should be in your cover letter also remember to read the job description and if employers request certain characteristics and abilities from yourselves remember to include them in your cover letter.

Jonathan Stephan Harry Riley (Your Name)

Your Email

Your Phone Number

Your Address

Your Social Media as long as it’s appropriate

your website or podcast if you have one

Dear (name of the person who will be interviewing you if you do not know the person’s name use dear Sir or Madam), I am writing to you having seen the position of Editorial Assistant on the Cambridge University website which states you are looking for an outgoing individual who is interested in developing skills the ability to do copywriting tasks and assist with publishing. My interest in Editorial Assistant springs from me wanting to do work and pursue a career in a field with job progression and development as well as offers a personal satisfaction that what I’m doing will build up my skill and can make a real difference in academia.

My previous and current work experience mainly comes from sales in a face-to-face role this comes from my experience working as a door-to-door salesman and a Market Stall Assistant and Manager in these roles require me to have confidence and communicate fluently with customers. I occupied the role of the market stall assistant for eight years whilst I was studying at University and College and I’m currently employed as a Test and Trace Tear 3 call handler and also as a Tier 2 support as well. This role requires me to speak to peoples from different ethnic backgrounds and different communities throughout England which means I have to be clear and concise and understanding due to contacting people who are greatly distressed due to having contracted COVID or facing deep personal troubles.

During my time in education, my highest honour is a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations which is part of the social sciences, political science and international relations field of study. From my time at college I graduated with A government politics, B Religious Studies and a B in History, C in GCSE Maths and during my time at high school I got a B History, B in English, A in Religious Studies and two passes in Public Services and Science in BETECS. My other educational attainment is in my online courses part of the Lead Academy I earned myself a level 5 in Professional Digital Marketing which involves using Social Media and plug-ins to sell products as well as providing a comprehensive understanding of Google Analytics also pass a course in Copywriting which is sales by print to create an engaging and meaningful copy. This concludes my educational attainment I’m quite proud to be achieved considering my background and not entering mainstream education until the age of 14 due to my undiagnosed dyslexia and several failures in the school system. This is one of the reasons I am passionate about education and personal development because knowledge is like a house it must be built brick by brick with solid foundations which no matter how old you are can be built as long as you are willing and able.

My interests and hobbies are copywriting and developing my Blog and creating my Podcast my interest also apply to my field of work depending on the nature of the profession and whether or not continual development of knowledge is necessary. I am also willing and enthusiastic to continue to expand and develop skills through in-work training, audiobooks and other media and information platforms.

Overall, my interest in this role is because I enjoy the subject matter and I also enjoy the possibility of developing a skill that I can use in the workplace and further develop my career. I also like the fact that I will be helping academics in their publishing and being part of the process of academia.

Thank you for your time hope to hear from you soon yours sincerely Jonathan Riley (Your Name)

Hop this helps you when creating your Cover Letter

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