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A review on George RR Martin’s Historical Fantasy Game of Thrones TV series adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire Book series

The series Game of thrones which ran for eight series began its production and development in 2009/2010 and filmed its last series in 2019 the show also won one Golden Globe Awards, Primetime Emmy Award 49, Screen Actors Guild Awards 5. You can see during its time on screen it was the number one television show in TV history also equalled and surpassed the mania of who shot JR when it came to the character John Snow’s tragic death at the end of season five which left Kip Harrington telling people for a year that his character John Snow is dead. Whilst reading this I may give out some spoilers and plotlines just to warn you whilst you are reading this that you have been warned if you have not seen the TV series.

I would argue that as far as adaptations and developing a series the developers’ & showrunners David Benioff & D.B. Weiss did an excellent job of creating a fantasy version of the Wars of the Roses inspired by George RR Martin’s much-beloved fantasy series a Song of Ice and Fire. Historian Dan Jones says that George RR Martin has created the perfect representation of the Wars of the Roses only adding a fantasy element and placing historical characters from English history into a high fantasy setting. This can be seen in Robert Baratheon representing an old Edward IV of England and Robb Stark representing a young version of King Edward after the battle of Towton 1461 which left 28,000 men dead on the battlefield. Similar events happen before the start of Game of Thrones where a young King Robert seizes the iron Throne and kills Prince Rhaegar Targaryen during the epic battle of the Trident.

Now back to the main plot of the TV series the strongest series of Game of Thrones would have to be the first four series with season one as the lead actor being Sean Bean famous for his roles in the Lord of the rings trilogy and playing Richard Sharp in the TV series Sharpe. The first season also started a precedent where TV shows killed off main characters to create suspense and drama this can be seen in episode Baelor and episode nine series 3 during the Red Wedding. I will not go into too much detail about the TV series because I don’t wish to spoil it for you should you wish to enter this fantastic world of fantasy mixed with a sense of realism that doesn’t exist in series like watercraft or Warhammer.

The biggest weakness of the series I would argue is that David Benioff and D. B. Weiss cut out the characters of Arianna Martell and Young Griff significance of these two characters is Young Griff is believed to be the son of the deceased Prince Rhaegar Targaryen killed at the Trident and Princess Elia Martell. The other character is Arianna Martell who is introduced to the book series reinvigorated and provided the books with a soft reboot due to the character deaths. Arianna Martell also provides a strong and young female role model. One of the great things about George RR Martin’s characters that are represented in the books and TV show is that they are flawed human beings for instance and Arianna Martell when she was a young girl used to wish to be beautiful. George Martin and the showrunners successfully created characters that are incredibly human and motivations no matter how flawed could be understood. I would say the biggest weakness in the show is cutting out these two characters and creating a big enemy the White Walkers which was resolved in a single episode during the final series. This created a sense of pointlessness having built the series towards the epic conclusion with the living versus the ice zombies which in the end I found this particular story arc unfulfilling which in the contrast the political and fighting over the Iron Throne of Westeros was a much better story than having Ice zombies as the big enemy.

What the showrunners did was created great villains with the characters Cersei Lannister and Jamie Lannister who committed incest and adultery which sparked a great civil war that nearly destroyed the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. What made these characters so sympathetic was that Cersei was beaten and abused by her husband King Robert Baratheon and Jamie Lannister who started the first series nearly killing the younger son and the 10-year-old Brandon Stark due to catching the Lannister twins engaged in an act of carnal incest. What made the character development of Cersei and Jaime so authentic was that in a twisted sort of sense those two people were incredibly relatable due to being flawed human beings which made the Lannister twins a favourite of the series.

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