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Podcasts you can create during your spare time

There are six kinds of podcasts that you can create alongside your full-time job and taking care of your family. These podcasts and productions are solo-podcasts, experimental and investigation podcasts, interview podcasts, solo podcasts, historical podcasts and review podcasts. Through this blog, I will explain to you the features and benefits of these podcasts.

Solo podcasts

The name solo podcasts mean exactly what it means that is just yourself, with a computer and microphone speaking about various topics it could be news or any subject. The benefit of Solo podcasts is that it just requires you to create your content and publish that content on services such as Anchor.

experimental and investigation podcasts

investigational podcasts will require you to do a lot more work and a lot more fact-checking this could take you a few months or a few weeks depending on the time you allocate to conducting your research. For instance, if you’re looking at a crime investigation or unresolved mysteries you want to make sure you get your facts and information correct your reputation as a podcaster and producer will be on the line. Always remember your content and its quality will reflect on yourselves so be mindful to be factual and remember the difference between facts and opinions because it seems to me that people must understand that life experiences do not necessarily mean that they are factual and correct.

Multi-Host Podcasts

Offers viewpoints from different people due to being hosted by more than one person interview podcasts self-explanatory just think Joe Rogan experience

Historical Podcasts

You can find many historical podcasts on YouTube if want to have a quick look at HistoryMarch gives a good demonstration of what kind of content you can create in 30 minute or 15-minute snippets of information.

Interview Podcasts

Interview podcasts will be the easiest podcasts you can create due to you not having to create your content you will only need some notes on the questions you wish to ask the interviewer. It’s also important that the person who’s been interviewed understand why they are there and the nature of the interview. One of the benefits of podcasting is that interviews can be very in-depth and personal it all depends on what sort of relationship the interviewer and the person being interviewed wants to develop.

Review and how to do on your Podcasts

By doing reviews of products on your Podcast it has the benefits of being very simple because you can start with the product that uses in your day-to-day life such as office chairs, computers and other electric devices you can also look at features and benefits of other items you may use in your day-to-day life. I would also recommend that any products that you review they also review products from their competitors that way you make your product reviews more professional.

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