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Why read Robert Greene’s 48 laws of power and his guide to success by gaining more power

who is Robert Green and why is he’s controversial?

Robert Green is an American author who shot to fame in his first published book 48 Laws of Power which catapulted him to fame and success you may be wondering why Robert Green is controversial due to his Book 48 Laws of Power which are incredibly controversial because of its Machiavellian tone in his writing material. What sets Robert Green apart in his writing material is that he uses historical people for example how men like Napoleon Bonaparte, Genghis Khan and King Henry VIII England use power to manipulate and control and gain more power for themselves. We can look at someone like Joseph Fouché who was a spymaster for Napoleon Bonaparte and the previous Republican government to show how a man can manipulate and gain power Joseph Foiche, was also the man who cast the final vote, to execute Louis XVI of France he was also still able to remain in power and become even more powerful under the rain of Louis XVI brother Louis XVIII of France.

What does Robert Green teach or I would argue enlighten?

To fully appreciate the wisdom and knowledge of Robert Green you must be prepared to understand and accept the darker nature of humanity, people no matter their station will seek to gain more power there are many kinds of power there is financial power, social power and the power to control and manipulate. I will give you an example of a colleague of mine who try to get promoted having been promised a promotion but was denied the role due to a new manager being brought in you may be wondering why would this prevent someone from being promoted and going to explain this now. The reason why this individual was not promoted was that when the new manager arrived at the company, she showed the manager how to perform her tasks properly and efficiently by doing this she scared the new manager because they will become fearful of keeping their position. I can give another personal example from my own life during my final year at university I lived with two women one hated the other for being more beautiful and outgoing this created friction. Hopefully by giving these examples show it is not just the powerful but the ordinary who try to gain or destroy other people’s credibility and position and that we all on some level trying to gain more power and success. What Robert Green does best is open people’s eyes to the true nature of humanity and that to have any kind of prosperity you will require more power, it’s an important note to make that those with power are insecure in their position for example of Louis XIV’s finance minister Nicolas Fouquet who spent 20 years in jail for making Louis XIV feel less significant there may be no longer any Sun Kings but this personality still exists. Robert Green stresses is important not to make those above you too uncomfortable or unsafe in their position it is important not to threaten their insecurities because Robert Green makes the argument that those in power can be the most insecure.

Do not jump to conclusions of people who are slow to anger or you might be dealing with Genghis Khan

Robert Green makes the excellent argument that we should not judge a book by its cover and that just because somebody does not become angry or react violently to your insult whether it be perceived as real this does not mean this person will not seek to destroy you. Green uses the historical example of Shah Ala ad-Din Muhammad and the destruction Khwarazmian Empire this historical scenario is where Genghis Khan calm demeanour to the deaths of his envoys led Shah Mohammed to perceive Genghis Khan as a weak individual which was gravely mistaken as his Empire was destroyed and his people annihilated. Mr Green stressed the importance of remaining calm and collective to avoid destruction and disaster, he also stresses the importance of creating a fake personality to show the world that way nothing can get under your skin and cause you to lose self-control. An example of this can be inferred in the personalities and public personas of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and ex-president of the United States Donald Trump both men have the persona of the fool but have the intelligence capabilities capable and powerful men, it’s foolish to underestimate individuals of their calibre and ambition. In other words, what you see is not necessarily real due to humans evolving in a way where we judge people by appearances and demeanour, we fail to realise and understand that a person’s personality and motivations are unknowable because on some level whether at work or home we are all unknowable to those around us.


If you wish to gain true enlightenment about yourself, about your colleagues and about your loved ones I would recommend reading this book to master and gain control of your life by understanding and practising these 48 laws of power. Be forewarned once you open your eyes to the nature of the power, you’ll never be able to be blind again there is a price for enlightenment once you truly understand the world and the people in it you will never be able to be blind and ignorant again. This can be a blessing and a great burden because to be wise is to be burdened and to be a fool is to live in peace but the consequence would be that you will lack real power in yourself and your life.

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