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The Snowflake Generation who they are and why are millennials melting under pressure of modern live

What is a Snowflake

There are three kinds of snowflakes there is the traditional Snowflake, which is a snowflake from snow but you want to know what a political and cultural Snowflake is, the cultural Snowflake tends to be someone from a sheltered, politically left-wing background but I would argue anyone can become a snowflake cultural ideology does not decide whether someone is a snowflake. The other kind of Snowflake can be someone who lacks a backbone or has a personality that has been crippled or stifled by their parents or society and the environment they grow up in.

Is Snowflake-ism caused by divorce rates

Some people believe that the cause of an individual becoming a snowflake is due to the rise of divorce rates from the 1960s to mid-2000’s in the 1960s in 1961 27,000 people got divorced and by 2005 divorce rates rose 167,000 a year. The reason why this can be seen as a cause of men and women becoming more fragile is due to the decline of masculine role models due to a family breaking apart. The millionaire and entrepreneur Dan Pena make the argument that the client of masculinity and masculine role models is leaving young men broken and without strong leadership.

What does it mean to be a man?

This is one of the hardest questions facing young men of our generation having no direction and being aimless either due to modern life being too easy in certain respects we no longer have to hunt for food or faced the possibility of dying in our mid-40s. However, we live in a world of social media and hashtags which gives the brain and gives the endorphins which releases a chemical creating joy because our brain is wired for every town, we have liked these endorphins are released which creates an addiction this happens in computer games, social media and pornography. By becoming addicted to social media and appliances that have no real meaning we can live a life of non-meaningfulness which leaves to an empty and sad life.

My links to 2 previous posts on John Peterson and Dr Deborah so you might find interesting I’ve also included links to some statistical information.

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