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Copywriter and elevator pitches

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The work of a copywriter can often be mistaken as stealing another person’s work or somebody who fixes a photocopier. 

These are gravely mistaken and a grave misunderstanding of what a copywriter does and the function they perform.

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  • the word copywriter comes from the mediaeval word Copiare which means to transcribe, and abundance thinks of mediaeval scribes writing pages of beautiful manuscripts.
  • The word copy, meaning a newspaper item, appeared in the mid-1800s
  •  The word copywriting in its modern context is related to advertising and marketing, first appearing in 1911. But the term still lives on in newsrooms where a copy desk is staffed by a copy editor who drafts copy into shape.
  •    Confusingly, journalists who write copy but don’t call themselves copywriters.
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Jobs for copywriters and their profession

To become a copywriter, you do not require any professional qualifications. 

It is a profession that can pay incredibly well once you have the necessary skills as a copywriter, which you can develop through a professional career, internships and professional development.

Becoming a copywriter is incredibly useful as a career opportunity because of the move from a traditional store toward an e-commerce and online market star. 

These shopping stores and websites will require copywriters to write advertising to sell the products or services.

You will have noticed I have used the words content writer and copywriter in the same sentence. 

This is not a mistake because it is the same word for content writing and copywriting. The only difference is different companies use different titles.

If you wish to become a copywriter, you will be the happiest working in a creative environment where you can create different kinds of content or copy. 

You do not want to join a content mill. 

This is just recycling content on the Internet with very little creativity.

To be successful as a writer, you must continuously engage in personal and professional development to become a true master of this skilled craft.

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Copywriting is sales

The purpose of copywriting is to build a sales funnel. 

This is where your audience and customers consume your digital product, the copy you have created. 

This also applies to magazines, newspapers and other forms of the written word.

The people who read magazines will buy the products and lifestyles promoted in that kind of medium that targets that particular audience. 

For instance, a female magazine promoting fashion and lifestyle will be selling those kinds of products to that readership.

To be successful as a copywriter, you must first create good content; by research and SEO writing that brings customers and readers to a website or traditional print.

Whether you are writing about the news, writing about products are writing a published online blog, is a form of copywriting because you are trying to attract an audience or readership and monetise your readers by selling products and services.

There is nothing wrong with this because things in life that have to be the monetarily incentive to continue with these professions or skills are writers will not write unless they can make money or are paid.

So, suppose you are concerned that a profit mentality takes away from the writing. This is not always necessary because it is the profits used to grow a business, keep people employed, and provide the goods and services to live a fulfilling life.

One way to formulate an elevator pitch
  •   identify the customer and their point of view if you know when a business commissions a new website and struggles with what to put in the content.
  • Explain what you do. For example, you have information and write in a search engine optimisation-friendly style in web content.
  • Explain the value of what you do so they get found easily on the web, and customers find information that helps them decide whether or not to buy.

This is a rough example of a search engine optimisation pitch to a client. 

Depending on your skills and the niche you are writing, you can design your method of pitching to clients.

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What is a content strategy and how to build a successful content plan for a blog in 2022

woman drinking coffee and looking at a laptop

Blogging is a content strategy

To start your content strategy, you must have an idea or a goal for your blog.

You must have an idea of your target audience and what you hope to accomplish if you’re

writing just for yourself.

You may only garner a small but active community.

For instance, Andy Weir, the author of the Book The Martian, has adapted the

film The Martian, starring Matt Damon.

For Andy Weir, his goal in his blog was to create fiction stories for himself and a small audience of 3000 people when he created his novel the Martian in 2011.

I’m using this example to show that not all blogs have the goal to make millions or even make a living.

Some blogs start as a passion project which can turn into a business.

For Andy Weir, he created a Kindle book on Amazon for his novel the Martian for his audience to enjoy his book at a low price of 99p.

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Marketing strategy for your blog

According to Wikipedia, a marketing strategy is “Marketing strategy is a long-term,

forward-looking approach and an overall game plan of any organisation or any

business with the fundamental goal of achieving a sustainable competitive

advantage by understanding the needs and wants of customers”.

So, to put it in terms that you and I can understand, the beginning of your marketing strategy

is to get people interested and familiar with your blog.

This can be done by using several digital marketing strategies.

I’m going to go through some strategic decisions you can make now.

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Create a Facebook account, and populate your account with images of yourself and your

business or blog.

Make sure not to have purely business on your Facebook but have photos of you doing activities.

These are not just business-related images because Facebook is primarily a social networking site.

Create a Facebook group

Create a Facebook group supporting your blog; you can put captions about your blog on


You can also create live videos about your blog to garner interest in

yourself and your blog from the Facebook community.

Be warned that’s Facebook doesn’t like people selling products and purely trying to generate leads for products and e-commerce Facebook wants people to be social, not just marketing

to Facebook users.

You can also pay for Facebook to allow you to advertise on their social networking site because Facebook doesn’t make their money from

their Facebook users.

Still, small businesses, both large and small, use

Facebook to market products and ideas.

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LinkedIn is a site primarily used as a professional networking platform for

professionals to connect to gain experience and seek professional advice.

The platform is also used as a method to sell and hire services. For instance, if

you are a copywriter; you could use the platform to contact business owners to

see if they’re interested in hiring your services.

The nature of your blog and profession will ultimately decide whether or not you find LinkedIn a helpful platform.

The big difference between Facebook and LinkedIn is that Facebook is

social networking, but LinkedIn is a professional networking site.


You can create a podcast to expand your market reach by connecting with more people.

By creating a podcast on your blog topic, you can use your podcast and blog to

feed the traffic and consumers for both your blog and partnering podcast to

increase your options for monetisation.

Marketing creating leads and customer generation

By blogging, you will create leads and customer generation.

If you are doing product reviews or food review blogs, you can request a fee from the restaurant or company you are blogging about.

You can also create leads by blogging about a product or service, leading people to purchase a product.

You can also create leads by developing a landing page or newsletter and subscription page to attract people.

Conclusion and final thoughts

When deciding on a marketing strategy and what kind of blog you wish to create or even what type of content, you must have a goal.

If you have very little time or have to use a lot of your free time, you must find joy and fulfilment in the creation process for your mental well-being.

This is due to the process requiring a lot of work in developing your content which involves research and rewrites over months and years.

You don’t want to start a blog on fashion or childcare or a range of other topics like politics or gaming if it turns out you have no real desire or passion for these kinds of subjects.

Depending on your profession and pursuing your projects you will be working full-time between 35 and 60 hours a week adding to that your blogging activities and content creation activities another 20 hours of writing, content creation and other activities related to your marketing strategies and related social media and platforms.

You must also factor into this the necessary hours you must place in doing professional development or personal development.

This is a further 20 hours of self-education to be proficient in your new skill set.

This could also be coupled with the necessary 20 hours that you must be doing for your research for your professional career.

Depending on your profession or time constraints, you must constantly keep learning and updating your content.

If you decide to blog, I recommend publishing at least one piece of content and then expanding the content creation to 5 days a week.

It depends on your time constraints and availability.

Just as long as you are consistent, that is the main objective.

This same attitude must also apply to your marketing strategy when using social media platforms.

If you publish every single day and social media, you must continue to do so you must be consistent with the online algorithms and consistent with engaging with your audience and followers.

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how to take control of your life and start making life choices 2022

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What do you want to do time is ticking?

We all must face our mortality; our lives on this earth are not very long. If we are not careful, time will slip through our fingers like grains of sand. This blog aims to help people refocus and use their time to live life to the fullest.

Is there is such thing as work & home life balance?

The quick and straightforward answer to this question is that if you have a successful career in an industry such as a lawyer or a doctor, you have to be prepared to work between 60 and 80 hours a week. 

There is a price for success. 

It would be best to choose the most important, your career or your family and personal life. The moment you make this decision which can vary from person to person, you will be able to prioritise your time. 

Dr Deborah Soh stated that ‘if you wish to have a successful career and a successful private life, you must learn to sacrifice yourself[1]’ 

I used this quote from the academic turned journalist to try to highlight the point that to succeed, there must be sacrifices that you can live with. 

I’m not going to go into detail on this point but think of Steve Jobs and his relationship with his eldest daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs.

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Plan your time carefully

There are 168 hours in a week with these hours. 

If you are working a regular full-time job of 40 hours or whichever hours you currently work, you can use your spare time to learn new skills depending on your circumstances or work commitments. 

Due to the explosion of learning resources and online learning, nothing is stopping you, only yourself, from developing new skills in this competitive job market. 

If you take between one and two hours a day and give up watching television and soaps, this could give you two hours you can use to read up on new skills or take part in educational courses. 

Also, let’s not forget there are YouTube media that can show you how to create a blog, podcast, learn audio, video skills, and more.

Start living your dreams but know your capabilities.

If you are going to start something and start today, don’t start tomorrow. 

You must have a goal in mind. 

I will leave this paragraph with a video of Jim Rohn, a millionaire self-development coach and entrepreneur. 

I believe his words will speak and put forth a compelling argument.

[1] Debra Soh, The End of Gender: Debunking the Myths about Sex and Identity in Our Society 

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Why should you build a personal library in 2022

light inside library

Why building a personal library is a necessity in today’s job market?

When writing about building a personal library, I’m not talking about science fiction or historical literature unless those reading topics are relevant to your career and job prospects.

Knowledge is necessary to become more qualified and more successful and is essential for today’s job market due to the increase of young people going to university and how competitive today’s job market is.

It’s also important to understand that there is no such thing as a job for life due to the eco, international migration, and international crisis.

Today’s jobs may not exist in 20 to 30 years due to the growth of automation.

Here are the realities and projections of automation $15tn, Potential boost to global GDP from AI by 2030, 3 of jobs at potential risk of automation by early 2020s, 30% of jobs at potential risk of automation by mid-2030s, 44% of workers with low education at risk of automation by mid-2030s

as you can see and have experienced, automation is already here, and traditional working-class jobs are at risk. Go to a Morrisons or a supermarket with a self-serving till, demonstrating that standard service is on the decline and the working-classes kind of jobs may not be in the next 20 years.

Because of all the changes to the economy, building a personal library and joining professional and personal development courses is necessary to know to go into multiple professions.

If you lose one job having the required skills, it will be possible for you to join another work, or if you have the skills, knowledge or network, you can start your own business or a micro-business.

If you like to read more about this, here is the link to the website PDF document link found in the resource and the biblical of this book.

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What should you be reading?

If you choose a career or job or are currently in an entry-level position depending on your work, you will need to read to improve your skill to become more successful and more qualified.

You will need to pair your abilities with the relevant qualification or if you can, relevant work experience.

Financial benefits of building a personal library

People who have built their libraries tend to earn over £52,000 a year, and in the United States, it is $95,000 or £62,00 in British pounds.

You may be looking at these amounts and thinking, why did I choose those amounts? In the UK, to live comfortably, you need to be earning £52,000 a year, and in the United States, you will need to be earning between $75,000 and $100,000 a year if you wish to live comfortably.

So put, through self-education and self-help, you can improve your financial and personal circumstances.

I want to point out that once you get over $95,000 and £52,000, you will not feel happier because relationships become more of a driving force to achieve happiness when you get over these amounts.

So, what I am advocating is a combination of aiming for personal wealth and healthy personal life that will lead to a prosperous life.

Be careful when selecting self-help and educational programs.

It would help if you were careful when selecting self-help and educational programs.

Choosing an academic program is essential to check whether or not employers accept the qualifications.

This is important because it will spare you wasting your money and your time. It is also necessary to understand that people will sell you self-development books and resources that accomplish nothing.

It is essential to know that some self-development has been corrupted by people profiteering from your fears.

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Podcasting and blogging improve your skillets.

I mention developing your podcast and blog because it will give you various skills such as audio, editing, content creation and digital marketing to promote your blog and podcast.

These skills can be learned and classed as work experience by pursuing them independently and understanding the correct courses to gain educational and work experience.


I hope you found this blog helpful and insightful; please leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe. Also, please let me know what you think of this blog, and if you have any questions, I will be happy to reply. 

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How to become a blogger a beginner’s guide

woman in gray jacket sitting beside desk

Starting a blog is part of a field of work called copywriting, which involves generating leads and sales through print.

Blogging has these elements, but a blog’s superposes varies from generating sales, generating leads, or purely for an individual’s enjoyment.

For instance, if you want to, you can create a diary blog best to think of the TV series Sex and the city, where the protagonist makes a blog about their life in New York and their sexual activities with their friends and partners.

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Creating your blog and choosing your niche

When creating your blog, you need to choose a site and a web address. These can all be provided by You will also want to choose email marketing for small businesses.

I would recommend Aweber as an Email Marketing System. An email marketing system is essential to inform your subscribers when producing new blog content.

You can also create an email marketing campaign and newsletter through Aweber.

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The importance of consistency with your blog and other Digital Marketing

The importance of consistency is that being consistent on how many blogs you create per month or Per week will let people know when you will create regular content or if your content will only be created once a month.

The blogger and digital marketer Neil Patel make four blogs a month, and for each new blog, he gets 37,000 views (

The importance of having a schedule of when you need to create blogs will let the Google search engine know that you are consistent creation.

This would lead to higher Google rankings. Your ranking on the Google search engine can be affected by the content you create, how competitive your particular niche is, and how consistent you are.

If you go months without blogging, you’ll have to start this process again.

It would be best to be consistent when creating your blogs and other digital content.

I mentioned other digital content because you can market your products using Twitter and other social media sites like LinkedIn.

Suppose you have a particular niche which is modelling and travelling.

You can use Instagram and Facebook if these social media platforms are where your target audience is.

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Skills of a successful blogger

You may be overwhelmed having read the paragraphs above about becoming a blogger.

As a blogger, the essential skill you must start with is your ability to write in a conversational tone.

Other skills such as Digital Marketing, Digital Communications and using different methods to market your products or online content such as podcasts will take time to develop.

When I first started this process, it seemed overwhelming, and as a mountain, it takes time to climb.

By doing and reading up on the relevant materials, you will find that you will slowly become better and more skilled in content creation and promoting your blog.

If you are an active user on social media, you may already have an advantage in creating sharing your blog with followers.

The importance of choosing a niche

When you start writing your blog, I recommend you have no more than four niches or themes to focus on because you do not want to confuse your audience about the kind of content you will be creating.

The best way to choose a niche is to think about what you’re good at and what you know.

If you are a technological person, you can do specialised posts about electronics and other technical devices.

If you are passionate about self-help and health and beauty, that can also be a solid topic.

Also, if you are a fitness fanatic and value physical fitness, you can create a blog connected to your strategy for a more robust and fitter body.

You could even talk about the mindset you need to improve yourself.

Final thoughts

When you decide to create a blog using WordPress, go daddy, or other online platforms you can use to make your blog, you mustn’t bite off more than you can because you may have time constraints and other priorities.

When I am writing this book is goal is to provide you with digital marketing opportunities.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme or an easy fix to your problems; please keep in mind that it is not a race but a marathon because when it comes to creating a blog, you also need a host of other skills for a blog to become profitable.

This will take time for a blog to become successful. It can be anything between six months to 5 years.

 When it comes to writing your content, the best thing to do is to write about content that matters to yourself or something that could be work-related Because when you start writing a blog, you don’t want it to become a new job.

It must be something you are willing to continuously develop and improve upon month after month, year after year.

If you choose the wrong one, that could destroy all the hard work you have done in creating a blog having to start all from the beginning.

It’s also important to understand your goals for your blog.

You don’t have to become a blogger to become an entrepreneur.

You could write a blog as a personal diary, a block generating income or a blog as an educational platform for the personal development space.

You could be a husband, a wife or a CEO just wanting to write about life’s challenges and advise how people can avoid your pitfall.

The purpose of my is a blog dedicated to personal and professional development with a market niche focus on digital marketing, digital business, writing and development.

These are the four niches that I have chosen.

I have been developing the necessary content and educational information for over 14 months, and new topics will eventually be going into the blog content and the relevant social media platforms.

I hope this post gives you plenty of ideas and information on becoming a blogger and where to start. Do not worry if your blog is ugly or your first posts will be shite.

It is not the best if you read any of my earlier content, but I have consistently kept on writing and improving.

You can do the same. It would help if you had faith in yourself and that improvement comes with consistency.

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6 Podcasts you can create during your spare time for 2022

a man and woman talking together

There are six kinds of podcasts that you can make alongside your full-time job while still taking care of your family.

These podcasts and productions are solo, experimental and investigation, interview, solo, historical, and review podcasts. Through this blog, I will explain the features and benefits of these podcasts.

Solo Podcasts

The name solo podcasts mean precisely what it means: just yourself, with a computer and microphone, speaking about various topics, could be news or any subject.

The benefit of Solo podcasts is that it just requires you to create your content and publish that content on services such as Anchor.

Examples of Solo podcasts that you could develop in your free time are The Live from 405, a comedy podcast hosted by Luke Allein and launched in 2018.

The current podcast length is between 90 and 125 minutes and is released weekly. The podcast was created to allow Luke Allein to pass the time when they are commuting to work and travelling home.

The podcast started with the podcaster ranting and raving on his way to and from home. If you have time constraints, if you have a family to look after or are looking after someone and have difficulty fitting a private project in your free time, then podcasting during your commute could be an opportunity for you to create a good podcast?

The Creative Penn podcast for writers created by Joanna Penn first launched in 2017; the episode lengths are between 50 minutes and 125 minutes, with episodes released weekly.

Joanna Penn has over 30 published books and is a New York Times bestselling author. The goal of this podcast is for Joanna Penn to give advice and inspiration on becoming an author and becoming successfully published.

This kind of solo podcast is ideal if you have a high-value skilled set that you can market to a target audience to learn how to successfully become professional in that field, such as writing which is the purpose of Joanna pen’s podcast.

You could use the same idea to create your podcasts in your niche. It is also essential that I add that no matter your skills, or educational background, as long as you have something to say and something that you can continuously produce, you do not have to have a PhD, book deal or be a successful entrepreneur create a solo podcast.

Just as long as you have the confidence that what you are saying is correct and that you give back to your audience, please do not let fear hold you back.

laptop and mic on tripod in studio before recording vlog
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Experimental and Investigation Podcasts

Investigational podcasts will need you to do a lot more work and a lot more fact-checking this could take you a few months or a few weeks, depending on the time you allocate to conducting your research.

For instance, if you’re looking at a crime investigation or unresolved mysteries, you want to ensure you get your facts and information correct.

Your reputation as a podcaster and producer will be on the line. Remember that your content and its quality will reflect on you, so be mindful of being facture and recognising the difference between facts and opinions.

People must understand that life experiences do not necessarily mean that they are accurate and correct.

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Multi-Host Podcasts

It offers viewpoints from different people due to being hosted by more than one person. Interview podcasts are self-explanatory; think about Joe Rogan’s experience.

Historical Podcasts

You can find many historical podcasts on YouTube if you want to have a quick look at HistoryMarch gives a good demonstration of what kind of content you can create in 30 minute or 15-minute snippets of information.

Interview Podcasts

Interview podcasts will be the most accessible podcasts you can create due to you not having to make your content.

You will only need some notes on the questions you wish to ask the interviewer. It’s also essential that the person interviewed understands why they are there and the nature of the interview. One of the benefits of podcasting is that interviews can be very in-depth and personal.

It all depends on the relationship the interviewer and the person being interviewed want to develop.

Suppose you have social media contacts on your LinkedIn, phonebook and other platforms. In that case, you should be able to contact people in your professional or personal circles where you could arrange interviews.

 As long as you have a good conversation, people will listen. The mindful that discussion in the interview must match the purpose of your podcast and can be on more than one niche like the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, but if you are starting, it may be easier to focus on one topic at first.

You will need to experiment with different podcast styles to see the easiest and best for you.

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Review and how to do it on your Podcasts

Doing reviews of products on your Podcast is very simple because you can start with the product that uses in your day-to-day life, such as office chairs, computers, and other electric devices.

You can also look at the features and benefits of other items you may use in your day-to-day life. I would also recommend that any products that you review they also review products from their competitors. That way, you make your product reviews more professional.

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How to make friends and influence people in 2022

positive diverse people making faces at camera

This Blog is written to instruct and guide you in a method where you can build a brand that can become a way to live your life independently or achieve a higher value position.

The skills to influence and make connections are necessary because if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or influencer, you will need to develop the required social skills to communicate with your audience to succeed with your business successfully.

Three steps on how you can make friends and influence people

Ask someone how they are doing and what they are doing.

Be generally interested and remember the conversation; remember people have their mess and worries in their lives. Take a little bit of interest, and build a strong personal connection.

Do not rush off and do not feign interest just by being a little bit interested in people’s lives outside of work, and having a genuine interest in their hobbies can build a strong personal connection.

When marketing your products, marketing yourself using digital marketing techniques when using social media is paramount to building a brand, making your products, and building your services that match your target audience.

It’s also important to communicate as directly as possible with your audience to speak live on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

When marketing your products, marketing yourself using digital marketing techniques when using social media is paramount to build a brand, build your products, and build your services. You will make mistakes stakes; what is essential is that you keep trying.

Always go to work and talk to people with a smile and positive attitude; being happy is infectious and will make people lower their guard and see you as a friend or positive influence.

When we interact with people, we judge them by their body language and appearance, so putting forth a positive persona will help you build great rapport with colleagues and customers.

Always remember to ask the customer and person you are speaking to their name, and if you can’t pronounce the word, ask them again.

You will naturally find people are more interested in themselves and their wants and desires. By focusing on the other person and giving a little interest, you will find you can have significant influence and will be more well-liked.

If you are interested in more information on making friends and influencing people, I would recommend reading Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People.

His work will show you that being considerate when communicating will significantly impact your friend, family, and community.

If you improve your soft skills, you will be able to sell products and services, and you will see a significant difference and better outcomes by adopting Dale Carnegie’s method.

The most crucial aspect that takes away from this chapter is to remember the other person thinks about their own needs and desires before they think of yours.

Giving a little bit of consideration and positive feedback will go a long way to creating a better social media strategy and improving the overall business model.

You also get a direct link to your customers, which can inform you to improve your service.

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 Structures of The Publishing Industry

woman in striped long sleeve shirt holding a book

Information on the publishing industry is vital even if you decide to go the self-publishing route just because you will need to understand the structures of publishing houses and overwriting industries because they will have similar structures.

By understanding the publishers and the services that they offer, you can use those services when it comes to the promotion of your products, in this case, a book, PDF or other publishing. 

If you have already developed a solid social media presence and expanded your market reach the publishing houses could be a way to go. 

Traditional publishing is still an advisable solution to getting published and creating a living because publishing houses will organise events and promote the new book. 

The average book sells between £7.99 p or £9.99 p though this can vary with inflation and costs. As an author, you tend to walk away with £2 from a Book of £9.99 p and for a book selling for £7.99 p it would be £1.60.


A royalty payment is a payment made by one party to another that owns a particular asset for the right to ongoing use of that asset. 

Royalties are typically agreed upon as a percentage of gross or net revenues derived from the use of an asset or a fixed price per unit sold of an item of such. 

Still, there are also other modes and metrics of compensation. A royalty interest is the right to collect a stream of future royalty payments.

A license agreement defines the terms under which a resource or property is licensed by one party to another, either without restriction or subject to a limitation on the period, business or geographic territory, type of product, etc.

License agreements can be regulated, mainly where a government is the resource owner, or they can be private contracts that follow a general structure. 

However, certain types of franchise agreements have comparable provisions.

Under standard royalties, an author gets roughly 20 to 30% of the publisher’s revenue for a hardcover, 15% for a trade paperback, and 25% for an eBook. 

So, very roughly, every hardcover release brings the author something like 25% of all revenue earned by the publisher.

Self-publishing how much can you make

With Amazon, you can get published within five minutes. 

Your book will appear on the Kindle store within 24 to 48 hours. Also, you can earn royalties to 70% on sales of the book sold in locations where Amazon has distribution centres, for instance, the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and more.

However, getting a book published and your readership is not that simple. 

You will need to do your marketing so that everyone back reviews; you will need 30 positive reviews to counteract any negative feedback from customers or competitors. 

It is human nature to focus on the negatives and positives, which is why humans focus on the bad parts of life, not the positives. 

The same applies to marketing your products/books.

There are also the costs of getting a book edited, proofread and any other work that must go into the book, but before any of this can begin, you must first finish writing the book or outsource the writing to a freelance ghostwriter.

Costs of Publishing a Book

Costs are usually tied with your word count and are calculated hourly or daily, or per 1,000 words. Prices range from £13-£35 per 1,000 words or a daily rate of £250-£400. Fees vary depending on how well your manuscript reads – the more shoddy the work, the more time and expense to fix it.

As with any self-publishing service, how much an editor cost depends on many factors. That said, for copyediting/proofreading, you’re generally looking at $1,000-$3,000 per book. 

You’ll be looking at $5,000-$10,000 per book for developmental editing- the higher-level stuff.

Do not let the costs of getting a book published and the time spent marketing prevent aspiring authors, writers or anyone reading this from wanting to sell and market through the use of books. 

These services of editing, proofreading and cover design can be accomplished through personal education rather than seeking a paid professional. 

With that stated, only do your work if you have the necessary training or experience. Launching a lousy product will affect your credibility as a writer or a marketing professional.

How much do bestselling authors make?

Let’s look at authors with a long track record of writing best-sellers. Many of them are also adapted into films or tv series (contributing to their earnings).

•                     J K Rowling: $54 million (2018) – JK Rowling needs no introduction; she wrote the best-selling children’s series of all time.

•                     Stephen King: $27 million (2018) – Stephen King is the ‘King of Horror’ due to his many popular scary novels.

•                     John Grisham: $21 million (2018) – John Grisham is a famous legal drama writer, best known for books like The Firm.

•                     Jeff Kinney: $18.5 million (2018) – Jeff Kinney wrote The Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

•                     Dan Brown: $18.5 million (2018) – Dan Brown wrote The Da Vinci Code.

•                     Michael Wolff: $13 million (2018) – Michael Wolff is the only nonfiction writer in the 2018 Forbes list with $13 million in earnings.

•                     Danielle Steel: $12 million (2018) – Danielle Steel is a romance novelist and bestselling author.

•                     Nora Roberts: $12 million (2018) – Nora Roberts is a romance novelist who wrote The Awakening series.

•                     Rick Riordan: $10.5 million (2018) – Rick Riordan wrote the Percy Jackson series.

Publishing hierarchy


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the top dog, editorially speaking. Sets overall content strategy, written eloquent editors letters, makes appearances sometimes writing features at small publications there more hand-on with articles.

Executive editor

one rung below the editor-in-chief often tends to more day-to-day matters

Managing editor

add some publications there editorially hand on and may edit, write and looked at queries at others they focus more on managing staff and overseeing production schedules

Senior editor

a high-level employee who often edits and writes is more likely to handle more robust content such as feature articles

Associate editor

a step above, an assistant editor may write, edit or do clerical work more likely to handle front-of-the-book content and columns

Assistant editor

one step below, and the associate editor may write, edit or do clerical work more likely to handle front-of-the-book content


responsible for catching errors and style inconsistencies that the editor misses

Research Assistant and similar titles found in mastheads

a luxury staff at small publications wish they had

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